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Schools and Universities in Ireland both have tangible and intangible assets to protect, but above all the students, teachers and other visitors need to be secure. The needs vary depending on whether the learning facility is a pre-school, primary school, secondary school, university or vocational colleges.

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Each school in the Republic of Ireland is very different and they have to develop a strategy that is tailor-made to its own unique circumstances and its demographics. The measures deployed should reflect the needs of the school and its educational requirements as well as the demands of its security needs and concerns.

What is appropriate for urban secondary schools may not suit a small, rural primary school. Each will have its own security problems and each will need a different security solution. Urban city schools might appear to be most at risk, however rural schools are often the most vulnerable to theft and arson.

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At Securitas Security Services Ireland we have plenty of experience with numerous educational establishments and facilities in Ireland who are current long term customers who use our security services to ensure that their schools and colleges.

They have recognised and experienced the security issues that have affected them in the past and through this hindsight they have engaged us in order for Securitas to help them to remain as robust as possible from the criminal damage that all schools experience and the disruption that such damage causes to the students educational needs.


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