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Most modern burglar alarms send a signal if something goes wrong, for example if there is a power cut or if a detector is blocked. But this doesn’t mean that regular maintenance is unnecessary. On the contrary, unnecessary and costly disruptions can be avoided through maintenance and regular checks. We believe the best time to do this is during the night, when the least amount of disruption is caused to your business. Our specially trained security guards will carry out inspections to ensure that the installed security technology is working as it should, while you are asleep.

Out of hours system checks

Technical patrols is the generic term for the patrol services which Securitas performs to check technical security equipment, such as intrusion alarms, access control systems and CCTV systems. Our security guards are already familiar with your premises, are used to looking for and reporting things that need addressing, and can carry out the inspections when it suits your business best.

Compared with engaging a separate technician who comes during the day, it is also cost-effective.

Our technical patrols provide confirmation that the security systems for your premises maintain the intended level of security, and all technical inspections meet the preventive managed maintenance requirements defined in the regulations of the Private Security Authority (PSA) in Ireland.


We currently offer technical patrols for intrusion alarms, access control systems and CCTV. Our technical patrols are performed by specially trained security guards who are used to working on the premises of our customers, know where things are, can see security risks and whose job it is to spot anything that is different from normal.

  • Theme patrols can be carried out when it least affects your business, i.e. with minimal impact on your staff and production
  • Your operations do not affect our ability to carry out the inspections, which makes us more efficient
  • Securitas has security guards on duty round the clock, which means that we can perform technical patrols at any time of day or night, 365 days a year
  • Our security guards are familiar with your premises
  • Our security guards are used to identifying and reporting things that need to be addressed
  • Cost-effective
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