Mystery shopper & entry exit checks

With the right security measures in place, you can reduce losses and theft from occurring within your back end operations and on your shop floor. We offer a range of Retails Security solutions for various markets and for various security needs.

Mystery shopper service

Our mystery shopper service acts as a form of quality control of your employees and the service they provide your customers, which can be followed up with information and training.

The service can be used to monitor your employees’ attentiveness, skill and cashier procedures, as well as their behaviour towards customers. Times, locations and the identity of the mystery shoppers vary to ensure that your employees never know when or how they are being monitored.

We provide you with feedback and suggest possible improvements.

Delivery checks

Delivery checks, which may involve checking goods or vehicles, are intended to prevent losses from occurring during deliveries.

During delivery checks, we ensure that the delivered goods match the delivery note: the numbers of packages are counted, their contents are weighed and a delivery receipt is issued. For major deliveries, we perform test checks in accordance with your wishes. All deviations are noted and reported to you in writing.

During vehicle checks, shipments are monitored to ensure, for example, that the vehicle is empty after the final delivery. Any returns are monitored and reported.

Exit Checks

During exit checks, uniformed security officers monitor any objects being removed from the workplace by employees or suppliers who are authorized to enter the premises.

Unannounced checks are performed by one or two security officers at the company’s employee exit.

During the checks, employees are asked to show any bags they have with them and confirm any purchases with valid receipts or payment certificate.

This service is intended to prevent and detect internal losses.


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