Fire Interventions and Protections

Do you ever wonder what to do to prevent your production processes and offices from fire and the effects of fire? how to and then you start to think about  what needs to be done by you as regards your staff and visitor safety, fire and associated risk mitigation's and then the minefield that is changing legislation and regulations as well as you, public, product and employee insurance implications?

You’re Risk Assessment

Securitas always begin with a risk assessment and a security risk scan in order to see whether the current systems in place are adequate in relation to the risks, legal requirements and what is worth protecting. We will then prepare a fire protection description, fire protection drawings, evacuation plans and rescue plans.

Consulting for Systematic Fire Protection (SFP)

Securitas can help you to build and improve your SFP efforts. We support you as advisors, and perform risk assessments in order to recommend improvements if needed.

Fire Protection Operations and Maintenance

Securitas can perform our own inspections of your fire protection through a managed process, monthly and quarterly tests of your fire alarms or service your fire-fighting equipment cost-effectively and with a high standard of quality.

What is included?

  • Our qualified fire engineers work with you and any other interested parties to design the functionality and scope of the installation.
  • Procurement of approved fire and evacuation alarm systems as well as installation.
  • Service with monthly and quarterly tests by trained installation technicians.
  • Service and repairs.
  • Coordination of recurring audit inspections by an impartial qualified inspection company.
  • Advice and coordination when the installation is being expanded or rebuilt.


Training is required to create and ensure a smoothly functioning systematic fire protection to prevent accidents and manage events effectively if they occur. Securitas can customise our training programs to your business.

Fire protection products

We can supply fire extinguishers, indoor fire hydrants, warning signs, evacuation signs and other fire protection products, as well as defibrillators and medical safety equipment.

These products include:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Indoor fire hydrants
  • Warning signs
  • Evacuation signs
  • Evacuation plans
  • Defibrillators
  • Medical products

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