Securitas SentriKey® Access Solution

For the immediate and long term impact of COVID-19. The Securitas SentriKey® provides the solution for manageable, controlled traceable access while following Government social distancing rules.

Offering unrivalled, patented technology and proven outstanding in its field, the SentriKey® key safe provides you with both confidence and peace of mind. Our intuitive mobile application provides access to authorised users, updating our cloud-based platform with full access history, in real-time.

Our solution provides you with confidence in the knowledge that keys remain securely onsite, user management is updated in real-time and granting one-off access is as simple as generating a flexible one day code. The SentriKey® Access Solution enables you to eliminate your key holding, door replacement and key loss costs, reduce time in transit and improve your response times.

Not only cost-effective and time-efficient, but the Securitas SentriKey® Access Solution also provides secure access for multiple, approved individuals eliminating the risks associated with a mechanical key safe, including code management and security of keys.

Device Features and Capabilities

  • Quick and easy to install
  • No visible codes, only individual pin codes assigned to the approved person
  • Log information and take photos on site
  • Most Secure Key Safe (LPS 1175 Security Level 2)
  • Missing key reports
  • Flexible one-day code generation
  • Full audit trail of access history
  • Spacious storage: Keys, cards and fobs
  • Approved use access
  • Built-in Lone Worker Protection
  • Asset Locator 
  • Operating Temperature from -30C degrees to +85C degrees
  • Powered by easily replaced internal batteries. The batteries have a lifespan of approximately 5,000 cycles.
  • You can use the secure SentriKey® app to access our key safe without a phone signal. SentriKey® works using Bluetooth technology, meaning you can still open your key safe where there is no mobile connectivity.

Independently attack tested, the SentriKey® key safe is the only key safe to have achieved the security accreditations, LPS1175 - Level A10, B3 & C1.

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