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Our customers in construction security sector range from small construction sites & construction companies to very large construction contractors and large developers and extensive publicly funded projects to large roadwork’s projects.

Secure Construction Security

The construction sites and complexes as well as maturing projects all need to be protected from theft as the assets either on site or embedded in the sites are very valuable to our customers and can crucial to the continued operational process day to day.

Any delays ensuing from either damage or theft can be very costly either through contractual penalties clauses been activated and you having to pay staff for non-working times.

Some of the other customers in this segment include consultants, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, project Management and surveyors.

Securitas Ireland Builds Confidence

By choosing Securitas Ireland, you receive a partner that protects your assets and employees throughout the construction process – from breaking ground to finished building. 

We understand that your construction site will go through different phases as work progresses and that your security needs will vary during the course of the project. We therefore provide you with a flexible and scalable security solution comprising physical and technical security, guarding services and security consultation services that are adapted as the construction project progresses.

Your security solution is developed based on the need to ensure that nothing disappears or causes construction delays due to damage or theft, as well as the need to ensure that the construction site is a safe and secure workplace that is free of accidents.

Security from the first step

We provide you with security throughout the entire chain. When your construction site has been marked and blocked off using fences and gates, we install access control systems, alarms and security cameras that are connected to our monitoring centre.

Our security cameras respond to heat and specific patterns of movement, which enables our operators to react immediately if anyone tries to access the construction area, for example, by issuing warnings over speakers or calling a security officer or the police. We supplement this service with patrolling guards who monitor the area at night.

Related Security Services from Securitas Ireland

Securitas Ireland provides Security Services aimed at protecting homes, workplaces and society. The main security service offerings are Specialised Guarding, Mobile Security Services, Remote Video Solutions and Monitoring Services.

As well as offering a "one-stop-shop" for all your security solutions, other services include, Access Control and Security of your Staff/Visitor and Vendors, Fire Prevention, Receptionist Security Services, Industrial Security Services, Alarm Monitoring as well as a blended mix of managed tailored security, bespoke solutions and call-out security services.

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From breaking ground to handover, Securitas have the solutions

Securitas bespoke specific security measures for you, alarms to CCTV systems, Securitas deliver specific solutions that can help deter potential intruders and significantly decrease the risk of crime being committed on your site.

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