Emergency Services Interventions

Securitas offers everything from preventive fire protection to full rescue operations and training in fire protection work. We take responsibility for the entire process, and help you – the customer – to identify the best security solution for you and your business. We are a partner that can assist you during each step of the process, and we will ensure that you fulfil all of your operational requirements for fire protection.

Fire Hazards

Certain industries that Securitas protects, such as the Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Aerospace/Defence, and Energy industries, are more prone to fire hazards at their facilities.

To strengthen our supportive relationship with these industries, Securitas have developed a specialised group to expertly fight fires, handle hazardous materials scenarios, and mitigate fire hazards that may threaten business operations.

Systematic Fire Protection (SFP) 

Securitas know security, and we have both long-term experience and cutting-edge expertise in fire protection.

We help you to build and improve your Systematic Fire Protection (SFP) efforts. We can perform risk analyses with you, and can help you put together and train your fire protection team. Quite simply, we’re with you all the way.

Incident Response:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Rescue Operations
  • Confined Space Operations

Fire Prevention:

  • Pre-development/Fire Pre-Plans
  • Fire Systems and Extinguishers  
  • Life Safety Best Practices
  • Public Education Programs

Selection of Securitas Ireland Security Solutions

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Further Emergency Security Solutions

For major industrial operations, hospitals and similar businesses, we supply a complete security solution that can encompasses an industrial fire brigade, systematic fire protection work and training courses. The unique concept offered by Securitas involves the integration of fire protection work with our guard service, with our security guards playing an important role in preventive fire protection efforts along with our trained firefighters and fire officers.

Fire Interventions

Since our guards patrol large areas, they can often be the ones to arrive on the scene. Once they’ve arrived, they provide the control centre with a progress report, which enables rescue services to decide what the next move is.

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Safety Solutions

Hire Securitas to manage yor operation and system maintenance needs. Fire protection consists of several preventive safeguard measures designed to prevent a fire from occurring and to limit the consequences if one does occur.

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