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Financial Services Security

Security is a top priority for any financial institution. Through our innovative approach to providing top quality security solutions and our deployment of our handpicked professional operators, Securitas Ireland has the capabilities and expertise to provide the most comprehensive range of security services for financial institutions.

Integrating solutions and technology

Securitas Ireland focuses on integrating solutions and technology with personnel to create the most operationally efficient services to achieve the lowest total cost and highest overall value for your security expenditures.

Financial Security, strength in numbers

We serve as the single-source provider for your physical security needs such as: security management and officer personnel, investigations, computer forensics, travel security, executive protection, 24-hour security dispatch and emergency staffing support, mobile patrol and response units, electronic systems integration, administration & monitoring, ATM service support.

At Securitas Ireland, our mission comes down to one thing - to help protect you, our customer.

To do so, we strive to meet the specialised security needs of the financial services industry and strive to exceed your expectations.  

What do we offer?

Securitas is able to offer comprehensive security services in order to create safe workplaces for employees in the financial industry.

Securitas is able to tailor make security solutions for customers in the banking and finance segment, such as bank offices, exchange offices, financial institutions, fund companies and insurance companies. Our security knowledge allows us to evaluate the financial institutions needs and integrate both technology and man power.

Relevant Information and Security Solutions

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Further Financial Services Sector Security Solutions

Securitas places great emphasis on phyiscal protection, when doing security solutions for customers in the banking and finance sgement. We will utilise security cameras and intrusion alarms.

We supplement technology with mobile guarding services to enable us to monitor your premises during the night and be on hand to unlock the premises so that you and your colleagues can feel safe when starting your workday.

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Financial Sector

Securitas assists customers with preventing, controlling and mitigating disturbances and losses in organisation, operations and of assets.

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