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Our extensive organisation and expansive range of services makes Securitas a safe partner that can rapidly increase security when needed to create a secure environment for your colleagues and visitors.

Care about Security

Security needs vary in the care sector depending on whether the object is a hospital, a primary healthcare facility or a retirement home.

On the other hand, having the right person in the right place is a key element of all healthcare operations. Therefore, we recruit carefully and choose understanding people who are able to handle and help people who are both stressed and worried.

Security Resources

Many operations in the healthcare and care sectors are conducted in open environments where the situation can change rapidly and extra resources may need to be called in. Our local presence across the country makes us a safe partner that can quickly increase security when needed.

Relevant Information and Security Solutions

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Further Healthcare Services Sector Security Solutions

Securitas places great emphasis on phyiscal protection, when doing security solutions for customers in the Healthcare sgement. Securtas also look at the iportanance these days of hospitality, Securitas feel that this is important in any business, but in some industries even just a little bit more important. We belive we can learn from practices in sectors such as hospitality or healthcare and use the best practices of customer care in both.

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Secure Healthcare

Investment in healthcare equipment, whether in the public or private sector, has never been higher, yet the threats to visitors, staff and equipment has also increased dramatically.

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