Executive and VIP Security

There are persons who are exposed to specific threats because of their political, economic or social role. A risk-adapted protection is necessary, so that you and the persons around you can move undisturbed and therefore mitigating risk exposure through personal protection by specially trained security officers.

Personal Protection

If a person is threatened or there is more permanent risk exposure, we can offer personal protection through our specially trained security officers.

These officers maintain a low profile and a high level of discretion and ensure that the individuals in question can continue their day-to-day lives with as few restrictions as possible.

This work is always carried out in close cooperation with law enforcement and other authorities.

Relevant Information and Security Solutions

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Further Cultural Services Sector Security Solutions

Our security staff can provide protection for persons who are threatened and exposed to temporary or permanent danger. Such work can  be performed in close collaboration with the National Security Authorities.

Our employees behave preventively in a conspicuous or inconspicuous and very discreet manner and make sure that the respective persons can pursue their day-to-day life as unrestrictedly as possible.

Executive Protection and VIP Security needs can also be provided worldwide by our subsidiaries:

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Very Important Persons

There are persons who are exposed to specific threats because of their political, economic or social role. 

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