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The Republic of Ireland is now a recognised world leader in the area of pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. The Irish chemical and pharmaceutical industry employs 25,000 people. The sector exported products worth in excess of €50 billion. Nine of the top ten pharmaceutical corporations in the world have manufacturing plants in Ireland.

Specialised Security Solutions

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Ireland is environmentally aware, efficient, innovative and highly specialised. In short, Securitas are ideally equipped to meet the requirements of the times.

The production processes are characterised by great ecological and social awareness, global networking and efficiency, whereby the strictest international and local legal requirements have to be met at all times, every time.


What is required is for chemical and pharmaceutical facilities to prepare Security Vulnerability Assessments, which identify their facility security vulnerabilities, and to fully develop and implement Site Security Plans for a wide range of potential security situations and scenarios, which must include measures that satisfy the identified risk-based performance standards and must lead to the protection of your critical infrastructures. 

  • Release—Toxic, flammable, or explosive chemicals or materials that, if released from a facility, have the potential for significant adverse consequences for human life or health.
  • Theft or Diversion—Chemicals or materials that, if stolen or diverted, have the potential to be misused as weapons or easily converted into weapons using simple chemistry, equipment or techniques, in order to create significant adverse consequences for human life or health.
  • Sabotage or Contamination —Chemicals or materials that, if mixed with readily available materials, have the potential to create significant adverse consequences for human life or health.

The following are two additional security issues have potential for a wider range of consequences for both national and international security.

  • Critical to Governmental Operations—Chemicals or facilities, the loss of which could create significant adverse consequences for national security or the ability of the government to deliver essential service
  • Critical to National Economy — Chemicals or facilities from which the the loss of could create significant and adverse consequences for the national or regional economy.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Facilities that require comprehensive Site Security Planning for both on-site issues and logistically, for off-site issues, will largely fall into the following categories of manufacturing::

  • Agriculture and food;
  • Chemical manufacturing, storage and distribution;
  • Electronics;
  • Energy and utilities;
  • Explosives;
  • Mining;
  • Paints and coatings;
  • Plastics and healthcare.

It is critical on a number of fronts that your infrastructure is secure, and this can only be achieved by your Critical Infrastructure Security Planning.

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Further Pharmaceutical Services Sector Security Solutions

Security cameras are used for camera patrols to keep vulnerable parts of the facility under supervision and are supplemented with patrolling guards, which have a preventive effect, for example, by checking for signs of preparation for intrusion or malicious damage.

Security cameras are also used for remote-controlled checks of access to and from the area. We are available at the monitoring center, 24-hours a day, and your contractors will not need to wait for help.

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Pharmaceutical Security

We supply security solutions to reduce security risks to your production and create a safe workplace for your employees. The combination of security technology in the form of alarms, entry systems and visitor systems

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