Our Strategy in the Republic of Ireland

Securitas is a knowledge leader in security. Our core business is integrated security solutions. The main service offering categories are specialized guarding, mobile security services, monitoring, technical solutions and consulting and investigation services. From a broad range of services, we customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions.

Security Solutions and Technology in Ireland

Together with the customers, Securitas Ireland develops optimal, cost-effective security solutions that are suited to the customers’ needs. The key is finding the right balance between the different competencies; security officers on site, mobile security officers and to what extent security officers and/or technology solutions should be used. When doing so, it results in optimal solutions for our customers, stronger, more long-term customer relationships and improved profitability. Securitas is a knowledge leader in the field of security and offers a broad range of services: specialised guarding, monitoring, technology solutions and consulting.

Building strong customer relations

To maintain our strong position in the security industry, we must continue to deliver high-quality services and meet our financial targets. This requires that we steadily climb the value chain and create added value for our customers, thereby building strong, long-term customer relations while improving our profitability.

Investing in new technology

Security solutions and technology, such as remote video surveillance (RVS), are becoming an increasingly important component of the security industry. As part of our strategy in Ireland, we are making significant investments in this area and increase our sales of technological security solutions and bespoke as well as off the shelf offerings. This will enable us to improve the quality of our services at the same time as we climb the value chain.


With this strategy, we want Securitas to be your partner of choice in Ireland. We are the knowledge leader in the security industry and we strive to provide noticeably higher standards of security solutions, through our global knowledge network and our experienced Irish Management Team. 

Selection of Securitas Ireland Security Solutions

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