Valentins Dovguls

20 February 2019

Securitas Ireland Digital Marketing, Communications and Social Media Manager


It is difficult to accept a world without the internet and mobile devices for today’s consumers. People now expect exciting and engaging experiences at the click of a button. With the demand for digital experiences impacting upon almost every consumer digital marketing has become one of the most sought after fields to expand and grow business. 

What first got you interested in security industry as a career choice?

I wanted to get into an industry that challenged me every day and pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

What has your career path in Securitas been?

I started my career working for Securitas in early 2007 as retail security officer. Keen to take a challenge my role within the company changed over the years and by 2018 my portfolio included Retail Sector Supervisor, Microsoft Criminal Compliance Specialist, Facebook Security Operations Centre Supervisor, Securitas Communications Centre operator and  Securitas Operations Manager for retail portfolio.

In July 2018 new opportunity presented itself within the company and I got promoted to Digital Marketing, Communications and Social Media Manager for Securitas Security Services Ireland Limited.


Talk us through your day-to-day tasks…

My role is very varied so there are never two days the same, which is why I love it!

My main responsibility is to manage Securitas Ireland internal and external communication campaigns. I work on implementing an external communication strategy for Securitas Ireland for corporate and client facing audiences.

I work on managing and evolving key communication channels such as Securitas Ireland website and social media – LinkedIn and Twitter.


What do you love about your profession?

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. It moves forward in a really fast pace. You have to push yourself to be innovative, creative and always open to new ideas – which is what I like the most about my profession. As well as this it is absolutely great to be part of fantastic team willing to work hard to achieve common goals.


What is your philosophy behind digital marketing?

With a bit of creativity, a good strategy and proper data analysis, the internet is extremely powerful part of our marketing and communications goals. The key to success is to send the right message to the right audience.


How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing?

I constantly research current digital marketing trends using both internet and published magazines. I follow inspiration people on LinkedIn and Instagram and keep a close eye on our competitors.


Why you recommend to work in Securitas?

Securitas is a global market leader in the industry. It is an Equal Opportunity Employer that recognises and rewards people. In Securitas line of work it is the little things that count. Your sense of integrity, security know-how and desire to serve make up the core of who Securitas is as a company. The company recognizes your actions and offers you opportunities for development and growth.


Any advice to young professionals just starting out with Securitas Ireland?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn as much as you can starting from basics.