Paul Leonard

03 April 2019

Securitas Irlenad Training Manager & Data Protection Officer


What first got you interested in security industry as a career choice?

I have been involved in the Security industry since back in the 80’s  when as a much younger individual I was training in close protection. This led on to door work and then to aviation. It has been a natural progression down as time passed to come back into the Industry in 2007.

What has your career path in Securitas been?

In Securitas I found that its values and structure are an excellent fit for myself. The various position I have had the pleasure of taking on were: Officer Supervisor, Site Manager, Risk Manager, Training Manager, Health & Safety Manager, Environmental Manager and now I sit as the Data Protection Officer in conjunction as Training manager.

Talk us through your day-to-day tasks…

Well, no 2 are ever the same. Training deliver of Company Induction, Manual Handling First Aid, AED training along with Ethics and Values, Insider Threat to Suspect package training takes up a lot of my day to day time. Add in Data Protection duties and dealing with PSA Licencing issues and I have a very full agenda on any given day.

What do you love about your profession?

Simply put Helping our officers to reach their potential in their work is what I love. I have seen new faces start and progress up to Operational Manager that is a fantastic experience seeing people develop and become part of the company management. There is an add on to that of course and its simply to describe. See the need or potential in a person and help steer them on the path to their success.

What is your philosophy behind Training & Development?

I have 2 philosophies.

1. There is no such thing as cant (Find a solution or a way to get the results you want)

2. Learning can never be taking away from you. All experiences teach you and change you no matter if it was good or bad. You learn so you win!

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Training?

I keep ahead on learning by doing the very thing that I teach. What I hear you ask? Well, each year I set out to complete different courses in order to keep current. This year it’s back to roots with upskilling in training and practice. Last year I had 8 different courses to complete. From GDPR to Legal studies and First Aid instructor transition for the new FR standard. Take a moment and think the workload required to meet those demands. It was tough but that’s what I like. A challenge.

Why do you recommend to work in Securitas?

Personally, I have had an immense amount of investment form the company. Alan O Connor saw the value of this and had me train as a Data Centre Operations Manager to assist our clients. I continued to learn and develop professionally but also personally and that simply did not happen with any other employer.  My hard work and dedication were recognised and rewarded.

I am here in Securitas over 9 years this time and completely enjoy the work that I do.

Any advice to young professionals just starting out with Securitas Ireland?

Every day is an opportunity to learn to grow and develop both personally but also as an integral part of the Securitas Family. Make a 3-year plan and strive to grow. Take on any new challenge, it’s an opportunity to showcase who you are.

Just be you!