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Response through remote services

Operators use live video footage to assess a range of activity, putting them virtually on-site and ready to respond.

Remote Alarm Verification

When an alert is received, by having an operator with eyes on the scene, they can quickly intervene using loudspeakers and powerful lighting. At the same time, they can instantly dispatch security officers and the authorities, continuing to provide real-time updates to all concerned. Swift and appropriate action is taken, threats are effectively handled, and false alarms are significantly reduced.

Remote Area Protection

Vulnerable areas needing greater security, can be cost-effectively protected using high-spec cameras and intelligent video analytics. Behavioural analysis of people, vehicles and objects is carried out by technology in the first instance. Any unusual activity triggers an automatic alarm which an operator can then verify, and if necessary, act upon. Incidents averted. Area secure.

Remote Video Patrols

Random patrols during high-risk hours, such as at night, are a proven way of proactively guarding a site. Doing this remotely via strategically placed cameras, allows an operator to check large areas or whole premises faster than an officer on foot. Tighter security is achieved through more frequent patrols, and without the usual overhead.

Remote Security Escort

Are there times when staff on-site are more at risk? Perhaps walking alone to a remote car park late at night or opening up a building early in the morning. On request, an operator provides a remote escort, scanning the area for danger and then observing the individual via live video until their journey is complete. Employees know their safety is taken seriously. Employers reduce the likelihood of cases with potentially costly consequences.

Remote Entry/ Exit Management

For most businesses, it’s not financially viable to man every site entrance and exit. There may also be peaks and troughs in the flow of traffic at guarded access points, which could be more economically managed. Remote entry and exit management solves these problems. Barriers, gates and doors can be opened at a distance, once the necessary visual and verbal security checks are completed by the operator.

Business Intelligence

Video can now be used for much more than just security. RVS camera analytics can be programmed to capture data capable of providing valuable business intelligence. It might be linked to consumer behaviour, the operational efficiency of a company or workflow, or to support marketing and HR initiatives. It’s an added value service that can help drive efficiencies across other areas of business, for an even greater overall return on investment.

Peace of mind

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