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Rapid deployment monitored protection

In response to the escalating threat and risk of criminal activity, a prominent client situated in the heart of Dublin sought a swift and monitored security solution. Recognising the urgency of the situation, the client engaged in the deployment of the SAFER POD® S1 system to fortify their premises against potential security breaches.

Safeguarding our client with SAFER POD® S1


Client's challenge

Dublin's central location posed a unique challenge for the client, requiring a solution that not only provided a robust defense against criminal activities but also allowed for rapid deployment and constant monitoring. To address these concerns, the SAFER POD® S1 system emerged as the ideal choice due to its cutting-edge features and industry-leading standards.

"In the heart of Dublin, where risks and threats loomed, our client sought a vigilant solution. Recognising the urgency, we swiftly implemented a monitored POD system within 24 hours, ensuring a rapid response to potential criminal activities. Our mobile response team stands ready for any incidents. This achievement reflects the collaborative prowess of our team—a resounding win in safeguarding our client's peace of mind. The client's satisfaction is a testament to our commitment to excellence." Peter McElhone, Solutions Development Manager, Securitas Ireland


Solution Implementation

Upon confirming the client's requirements, our team executed the rapid deployment of the monitored SAFER POD® S1 system. The deployment included a live connection to a centralised monitoring facility, enabling immediate response capabilities. To further enhance the client's security, a dedicated mobile response team was established, ready to react promptly to any emerging incidents.

Results and benefits

The successful implementation of the SAFER POD® S1 system has provided the client with a robust and comprehensive security solution. The combination of high-quality imaging, rapid deployment capabilities, and constant monitoring has significantly reduced the vulnerability of the client's premises to criminal activities. The presence of the SAFER POD® S1 serves not only as a protective shield but also as a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential wrongdoers from engaging in illicit activities within the vicinity.

Deployment & responsiveness

  • Swift deployment: Under 24 hours, meeting urgent needs.
  • Live connection to a central monitoring facility for immediate response.
  • Dedicated mobile response team for prompt action on incidents.

Security features

  • High-quality imaging for clear identification of potential threats.
  • 360° detection zone covering a wide area around the premises.
  • Anti-tampering features to prevent system interference.
  • High-intensity siren and strobe lights for deterrence and alerts.

 Client impact

  • Reduced vulnerability to criminal activity.
  • Increased peace of mind and confidence in security measures.
  • Deterrence effect discourages potential wrongdoers.

The deployment of the SAFER POD® S1 system exemplifies a successful case of rapid deployment monitored protection, effectively addressing the client's urgent security needs and fortifying their premises against potential threats in the bustling center of Dublin. This innovative solution showcases Securitas Ireland commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by our clients in dynamic urban environments.


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