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Data Centre Solutions

Data centers have stringent safety and security requirements related to the protection of their assets and their reputation, to the execution of policies and procedures, and to regulatory compliance. To achieve the right level of security, we help our data center clients identify the internal and external threats.

Clients rely on our specialist services for safety and security in data centres of every size, from the small server room of an individual business through to Tier 5 hyperscale centres that manage billions of bytes of data daily. Our range of security solutions integrate and combine human expertise and intelligence with advanced technologies, to protect the operations and reputations of Data Centres across Europe.

Specialist manpower

Our Data Centre security officers are trained to detect and deter threats to the building, staff, equipment, and integrity of the data itself. These officers all complete our Certified Data Centre Security Professional Course, a bespoke training programme that ensures they really understand the unique demands of Data Centre safety management. They are alert to threats of every kind, including data tampering or theft, and potential hazards such as floods, fires, or overheated servers.

High-tech electronic security systems 

Using state of the art equipment and back-office expertise, we provide real-time remote surveillance and response across the data centre environment via a range of technologies including: Remote video surveillance – internal and external/perimeter.

Some clients ask us for an end-to-end remote service which includes supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance of remote systems, while others choose to use us for monitoring and management services only.

Cyber security services

The Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) extends the reach of our Data Centre security expertise beyond the physical to the world of cyber security. Our experienced intelligence officers use a global network of open sources (OSINT), social media (SOCMINT) and closed sources (including private sector intelligence, military, policing and academia) to provide early warning of cyber activity that might pose a threat to the data centre.

Peace of mind

Contact us today to find out how we combine cutting edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.

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