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A security solution that includes security cameras provides sound financial benefits and creates a sense of safety among employees, students and visitors.

University Campus Security

Schools and universities contain a number of tangible and intangible assets that must be protected, particularly students, teachers and other visitors.

Schools are often the victims of graffiti and vandalism – for example, in the form of broken windows – as well as break-ins, fires and theft.

Vandalism often results in high costs for clean-up and cancelled lectures when the premises cannot be used or equipment goes missing.

Technical Security Solution 

A technical solution using security cameras can go a long way towards solving this problem. Cameras provide clear confirmation if anyone attempts to break into or set fire to the premises, and alarm operators can warn the individuals on site using speakers connected to the system.

This allows such attempts to be interrupted quickly before any major damage occurs and enables security officers, police or emergency services to respond rapidly to the site.

Further Educational Security Solutions

Schools are often located in open environments with many people moving about. Due to the large number of students, colleges and universities require flexible access control systems and reliable service. Having a permanent guard in the area enables a rapid response in the event of an alarm and ensures that no unauthorized individuals remain on the premises. At the same time, a security officer can serve as a host for your school, assisting in answering questions and giving directions.

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