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Securitas C-CAMP

The Securitas C-CAMP Construction – Compliance and Management platform is our comprehensive tool for managing all access points, contractors, visitors, deliveries, etc., on the construction site.

Enhancing Construction Site Security with Integrated Platform

This platform is designed as an add-on to Securitas' existing access control system for construction sites. By seamlessly integrating, it empowers the guarding staff with complete oversight of all site activity.

Furthermore, the platform extends access to authorized users such as Business Controllers, Main Contractors, and other stakeholders. These individuals can be assigned specific security roles within the platform, granting them on-demand access to reports and live data from the entire construction site.

For comprehensive record-keeping, the platform offers automated weekly reports delivered to the Main Contractor and/or Business Controllers. These reports detail all contractor and visitor activity on-site during the previous week, facilitating comprehensive auditing.


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Security Solutions for the Construction Sector

Whether it's a small-scale construction site or a large-scale development project, Securitas offers scalable solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. By partnering with us, construction companies can focus on their core activities with the confidence that their assets and personnel are protected around the clock.

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Key Functionalities

  • Logging - Live overview of construction site population, split between Contractors and Visitors, the site log shows the current location of the individual contractor or visitor
  • Emergency List – Dedicated view for site evacuations, show only current contractos and visitors on-site, allowing guard staff to have a dynamic evacuation list to work from.
  • Contractors - Complete list of all contractors with access to the site or enrolled for inductions. All contractors are added by their Employer to the platform, enrolled for induction and then granted access to the site by Guard Staff, who also prints and issues the Access Cards
  • Visitors - All visitors to the site are planned, logged and handled separately to ensure full control over the Site Visits
  • Deliveries - Booking and logging of deliveries in C-CAMP, Contractors book their own deliveries, and Guard Staff grants access and controls information as needed
  • Companies - All Companies contracted to work on the site. Including Hierarchies of Main and Subcontractors in Tiers.
  • Reports - Maybe the most important part of C-CAMP, reporting on time spent by contractors and visitors in which area. Mainly used for contractor controlling and invoicing purposes

Key takeaways

  • Seamless integration with existing Securitas access control system
  • Enhanced oversight for guarding staff
  • On-demand access to reports and live data for authorized users
  • Automated weekly reports for comprehensive auditing

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