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Remote Security

Securitas offers a full range of remote security services to help keep your business safe and secure, 24/7 - 365

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) take Video Surveillance one step further by generating an immediate response and preventing incidents from becoming issues. Technology and people are optimised to form a stronger, cost-efficient and proactive force in protecting organisations. Here’s how.

How does it work?

Intelligent CCTV, AI cameras and Remote Video Solutions. But how do they work? And how a holistic approach, managed end-to-end by one company, can be a cost effective solution for your business? A proactive security solution.

The core of security is skilled people that can intervene when needed. With the help of modern technology, Securitas has created tools that support and profoundly increase the efficiency of guarding. Video cameras and other intelligent sensors can be connected to the Securitas Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where skilled operators can perform many of the normal guarding duties remotely. If something happens in front of a camera, it can alarm an operator to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

The cameras can also be used to verify other events than alarms, they can perform remote virtual patrolling, manage the coming and going of people, or provide personal assistance after hours. The heart of all this sophisticated ecosystem of connected devices and people is the Securitas Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Together with our clients, we are creating total security solutions that help us move towards a society that is more safe and secure.

Ready to respond through remote services

Our highly skilled operators use live video footage to assess  a range of activity, putting them virtually on-site and ready to respond.


More efficient. More secure.

Remote Video Solutions are designed to combine people and technology in the most efficient way, whilst increasing security. And as a standardised and centrally supported concept, it leads to favourable economy of scale and efficient management of cyber security threats.

How do we evaluate risk?

To help identify where efficiencies can be made, the starting point is an assessment of a company’s operational set-up and business risk levels. Where there are security officers already active on-site, this evaluation ensures their skills are utilised at the right times, so there are no wasted hours. By using our in-house developed tools, we make sure the assessment is sufficient and based on known facts and historic data. In other words, one step closer towards predictive security.

Protective Service Selection

This knowledge steers the selection of an appropriate blend of Protective Services, including Electronic Security, Fire and Safety, Remote Security, On-Site Security, Mobile Security & Corporate Risk Management. The outcome is an overall security solution that achieves both optimal use of resources and the strongest possible protection.

Relying on the right technology

The importance of selecting and installing the right products is paramount. Throughout the assessment process, we’ll carefully identify equipment that will best suit your specific operation, environment, lighting and needs.

Making leading security technology accessible.

Remote Video Solutions works off an open platform, with scalable equipment.

They give organisations the flexibility to link a wide range of existing devices and grow their security network as changing circumstances demand. The performance of any integrated IP devices is continuously healthchecked, with failures notified to the operator for remedial action.

Far from requiring a significant up-front investment, Securitas Remote Video Solutions are offered as a cost-efficient Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) concept.

It puts the latest technology always within a customer’s reach, with proactive optimisation of equipment, software and response strategies included.

As a fully managed solution, all installations, maintenance, monitoring and remote services are handled by us, reducing the time and hassle of managing multiple supplier relationships.

Remote video for all

No cameras on site? Already operating basic CCTV? Security officers carrying out 24-hour video surveillance? Whatever your current set up, Remote Video Solutions can add value. And if you go for RVS Go or RVS Pro, it comes with an extra layer of peace-of-mind since those solutions are managed by Securitas and delivered as an all-inclusive service.

RVS View - For organisations with cameras already in place

RVS View turns an evidential CCTV system into a more responsive and effectual security measure. This is done through the addition of a connection to the Securitas Operations Centre for monitoring and delivery of remote services.

RVS Go - Supports up to 16 cameras

For small to medium-sized companies requiring a more advanced video surveillance solution. Allows customers to have access to the complete range of remote services and also includes new camera hardware, maintenance and monitoring.

RVS Pro - Supports unlimited numbers of cameras

For companies with high security needs requiring a fully integrated, fully managed solution. Compatible with over 5,000 camera models, thanks to the industry-leading Milestone Video Management platform at its centre.

Responding to alarm activations on your behalf.

With our nationwide alarm response service, you can benefit from increased peace of mind knowing that fully trained security officers will be on hand to respond to any alarm activations of your behalf 24/7 - 365

Want to know more? Our team of business security experts will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Peace of mind

Contact us today to find out how we combine cutting edge technology with real time intelligence to keep you and your business safe.

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