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Corporate Risk Management

At Securitas, we understand that in today's dynamic world, empowering your organization to stay ahead of potential threats is not just a necessity, but a strategic imperative.

Introducing Risk Intelligence Center (RIC)

The Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) - a global powerhouse of intelligence and expertise dedicated to providing actionable insights on the ever-evolving global security and threat landscape.

Empowering smart decision-making

At the heart of the RIC is the commitment to provide actionable intelligence concerning potential threats and empower decision-making processes related to security.

We combine years of expertise and in-depth insight with intelligence, incorporating an understanding of security operations, geographies, and other pertinent factors. Under the leadership of Michael Evans, Director of Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center, our team conducts advanced, real-time analysis of potential threats. This timely intelligence equips our clients with the ability to take appropriate actions, mitigating threats before they can become risks.

Global expertise, local insights: Our approach to security intelligence

Centrally located in the UK with global resources, our RIC team comprises seasoned intelligence analysts and officers drawn from diverse backgrounds, including policing, military, and government. With an all-source intelligence capability blending human intelligence and cutting-edge technology for open-source intelligence (OSINT), we provide industry-leading situational awareness. We leverage a worldwide network of sources, including the global Securitas network, to deliver real-time incident alerts and early warnings for potential threats, ensuring our clients remain steps ahead of risks.

We offer three core intelligence solutions:

  • Alerting: Timely notification of threats and security incidents with the potential to cause impact or disruption. This includes early warnings and alerts to potential threats and security incidents.
  • Analysis: Provision of intelligence reports and targeted monitoring to empower clients in comprehending the threats they encounter, understanding associated risks, and devising effective strategies to address them.
  • Investigations: Taking the lead or providing support in investigations related to identified threats, conducting defensive screenings to pinpoint vulnerabilities, and handling various investigative tasks.

These fundamental solutions can integrate seamlessly with Securitas' additional protective services, such as On-site security, Mobile security, Remote, Electronic, and Fire & Safety services. This integration ensures the provision of security guided by intelligence for the protection of your people, property, and assets.

Security services, solutions and strategies

As the world’s leading intelligent security services provider, we proudly stand guard to protect what really matters – the safety and welfare of people and property everywhere. Read through our brochure to learn more about our security services, solutions and find out how we are making your world a safer place.

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Services tailored to your needs

Our range of services, including Intelligence Awareness (BRONZE), Alerting (SILVER), Advisory (GOLD), and Embedded Analyst engagements (PLATINUM), cater to diverse client needs. These services, supported by regular and ad hoc reports and insights, enable us to deliver accurate and on-the-ground information. The RIC empowers organizations to proactively address challenges while expertly navigating threats and risks.

These service levels can be customized to support client specific requirements. The RIC also offers a flexible consultancy service, providing Analyst and Specialist resource for both short and long-term engagements.

Intelligence: The bedrock of effective decision-making


Michael Evans, Director of Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center, rightly states, "intelligence is about decision-making advantage and the confidence to make the right decisions." RIC ensures our clients not only receive raw data but actionable intelligence. By capitalizing on lessons learned, insights from current events, and forecasts on future scenarios, organizations can maximize their decision-making potential, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a significant return on investment in security.

Empowering your business for success

Ultimately, intelligence plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses to make informed decisions. With accurate, timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence, organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of the global threat and security landscape, optimize their operations, and maximize profitability. Being well-informed enables businesses to adapt swiftly to a constantly changing environment, staying ahead of market trends, technological advancements, and client demands.

Welcome to a new era of security intelligence

Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center - where resilience meets innovation, and informed decisions shape a secure future.

Peace of mind

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