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Frequently Asked Questions

Asking the right questions is an important part of working in the security industry. To learn more about the specific requirements and conditions for working at Securitas, we have provided responses to some frequently asked questions.

Wage and Working Hours

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about wage and working hours as guard at Securitas:

What do I get paid when working as a Security Guard?

  • Basic contractual hourly rates and conditions are negotiable; these can also be governed also as per a Security Industry Employment Regulation Order (ERO) or a Registered Employment Agreement (REA) that may be in force at any given time.
  • All other terms and conditions are as per primary legislations in the Republic of Ireland.

Do I get paid during the basic guard training?

  • Yes, basic training both in the classroom and on site is paid at our training rate of pay rate applicable to you.

What are the working hours working as a guard?

  • Working hours are contract dependent, these are subjected to the upper limits of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997, Shift durations depend on the contractual requirements of the site and as such can vary from one site to the next as the nature of security work means that the hours and shift slots will be variable and there is a need for full staff flexibility, in order to be able to work days, nights and weekends shifts.

Do I work alone as a guard or together with colleagues?

  • This is location and customer contractually dependent weather we have one or more security guards on a customer’s site, the service requirements of the customer can require for only one security officer or more as part of a team, larger sites may have more specific operational positions for each team member.

Employment Requirements

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about employment requirements at Securitas:

How old do I have to be to work as a guard?

  • Securitas Security Services Ireland has set a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age for potential applicants for a job in accordance with the exclusions from the general prohibition of discrimination on age grounds contained within The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2008 and the amendments to Employment Equality Act 1998 contained within the Equality Act 2004,

I would like to work at Securitas, how do I apply?

Is there any upper age limit to work as a security guard at Securitas?

  • There is no single fixed retirement age for employees in Ireland. If you are employed, your retirement age is set out in your contract of employment. Some contracts of employment have a mandatory retirement age (that is, the age at which you must retire), but they can also have provisions for earlier retirement generally and/or on grounds of illness. 
  • If the contract of employment includes a mandatory upper age limit, then you must retire when you reach that limit.

Security Training

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about the security training at Securitas:

Do I need to have a basic security guard training to work at Securitas?

  • Yes, the security industry in Ireland is a regulated licensed industry and all static security guards and personnel carrying out security functions as stipulated by PSA 28: 2013 Guarding Security Services standard have to be qualified and licensed a minimum to the Basic Guarding Skills Training Course (QQI 4N1118) is mandatory in order to apply for a Basic Guarding Licence with the Private Security Authority (PSA).

Where do I get my basic security guard training?

  • There are many establishments who provide the basic security guard training in-house as required to obtain a licence to work as a Static Security Guard within the Irish Security Industry. To find out about where you can get training you can contact the SII, Security Institute Ireland Or ICSE provide quality training.
  • We are now offering a fully-funded Static Guarding Skills QQI Level 4 Training course (4N1118) to obtain the Private Security Authority (PSA) Static Guarding Licence for all new entrants into the industry.

Developmental Training

All officers/staff employed by Securitas Security Services Ireland Limited are encouraged to develop their skills and abilities through the course of their employment with us. Wherever possible we are seeking to identify the next generation of managers and supervisors through the course of training and assessment procedures within the company.

Securitas recognises that continued development and continued improvement has the following purposes:

  • To provide our staff with the appropriate level of training and development to meet the requirements and expectations of Securitas and our Customers
  • To enable our staff to make a full contribution in their role
  • To provide our staff with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in order to achieve their potential

Depending on the clients requirement additional training ma be required examples are

  • Fire Warden Training
  • Responding to Threats and Violence
  • Lift release Training
  • Manual Handling
  • Safe PASS
  • Data Centre operations training
  • Anti-Terror
  • Supervisory training
  • Advanced First aid and Pharmaceutical specific Site training

Training requirements and competencies are continuously measured and reviewed in consultation with our Protective Services Branch Managers, Clients, and Training Team. Under the direction of our Training Manager and Standards Manager, the Securitas E-Learning platform provides over 200 individual courses to support our business and staff at all levels.

Recruitment Process

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about Securitas’ recruitment process:

What kind of documents do I need to bring to the interview?

  • A current C.V.
  • Two forms of I.D. (Passport or birth certificate, A proof of address i.e. household bill) 
  • A valid P.S.A. Licence (private security authority licence)
  • Any relevant certificates or training documents

What is Securitas recruitment process - step by step?

  • You Submit Your CV to our or complete online application
  • Your CV must have a month on month record for the previous five years
  • You may be shortlisted and called for an interview
  • You will fill out online an official Securitas Security Services Ireland employment application form prior to the interview
  • On completion of the interview, your application will be vetted for at least the last five years covering all employment/ unemployment and education
  • You may be called for a second interview (position dependent)
  • You may be offered a position with Securitas Ireland
  • You will sign a Securitas Security Services Ireland Contract of Employment and our various policies and will receive a copy of our employee handbook. You will also be asked to provide the uniform sizes
  • You will be rostered for in-house training once this is complete you will be rostered for onsite training
  • Your employment is subject to a six month probationary period during which your screening will be completed in accordance with the PSA 28:2013 Standard. Once completed you will become a permanent member of Securitas Ireland
  • You begin to make a difference


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