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Meet our people

Everyone at Securitas has a story to tell. To give you an idea of ​​what it means to be part of the Securitas team, let us introduce you to some of our everyday heroes.

Meet Louise Bagnall – Securitas Ireland Protective Services Branch Manager


With a career spanning over two decades in the Security industry, Louise Bagnall brings a wealth of experience since her commencement in September 2000. Starting as a Security officer, she transitioned to Securitas through TUPE in January 2003 and assumed the role of Site Supervisor in 2004.

In 2007, Louise achieved a significant milestone in her career by being promoted to the position of Operations Manager. In this capacity, she collaborated closely with her Branch Manager, contributing to the effective management and operational needs of the business.

As of May 2020, Louise holds the esteemed position of Protective Services Branch Manager, overseeing a substantial portfolio of business operations nationwide.

Reflecting on her journey, Louise recalls entering the Security industry years ago, initially perceiving it as a means to meet financial obligations. Little did she know that what began as a job evolved into a fulfilling and successful career path. The key to her success, she emphasizes, lies not only in hard work, drive, and ambition but also in being part of Securitas—a company that genuinely cares about its employees, actively supporting their growth and making a positive impact. Louise Bagnall proudly serves as the Protective Services Branch Manager for Securitas Ireland.

Meet Darren O’Brien – Securitas Ireland Protective Services Branch Manager


Darren embarked on his journey in the Irish Security Industry back in 2009, assuming the role of a security officer within a bustling pharmaceutical facility.

In 2014, as Securitas Ireland secured the Security Contract for the site where Darren was stationed, he made the decision to transition to Securitas Ireland. Reflecting on this move, Darren expressed, "After all these years with Securitas, I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made." The year 2015 brought about a significant advancement in his career when he was promoted to the role of Site Security Supervisor at a busy pharmaceutical plant in Co Wicklow.

Towards the end of 2017, an opportunity caught Darren's eye—an advertisement for a Branch Administrator position situated in the Securitas Head Office in Clonee. Eager to further his career in the security industry, Darren saw this as a valuable chance to progress within Securitas.

"Thankfully, I was successful and assumed my new role as the Branch Administrator for Branch Manager Des Leech in January 2018. Throughout this period, I collaborated closely with Des and Operations Manager Louise Bagnall, contributing to the day-to-day operations of the branch and gaining valuable insights from both Des and Louise on the intricacies of the business."

In 2021, Darren's dedication and contributions were recognized as he earned a well-deserved promotion to the position of Protective Services Branch Manager.

Meet Patrick O'Mahony - Site Security Manager, Cork


Patrick has dedicated the past twenty-five years to the security industry, having held diverse roles spanning from the Retail to the Commercial Sector. Beyond frontline responsibilities, he has experience in security scheduling administration and strategic security operations planning. Patrick initiated his career as a Security Officer and progressively ascended the ranks to the position of Security Manager.

Seeking a security company that aligned with his ambitious nature, Patrick joined Securitas in 2009. Over several years, he contributed significantly to the team, balancing frontline duties and providing training to fellow Securitas security officers in Cork. Patrick became an integral and dependable member of the Securitas team in Munster, actively promoting and developing the Securitas brand in the greater Cork area. His responsibilities included ensuring excellent customer service delivery in the region.

In 2018, Patrick transitioned to the Securitas team at a leading high-tech company in Ovens. In a short span, he cultivated strong relationships with colleagues and peers at the client site, utilizing these connections to surpass customer service delivery expectations within the high-tech sector. During this period, Patrick also achieved success by completing his QQI Level 6 Security Management Certificate. Looking ahead, he aspires to finish his fellowship exams within the next 12 months as a member of both the Security Institute of Ireland and the ASIS International Security body.

In recognition of his contributions, Patrick was promoted to the role of Site Security Manager in April 2020.

Meet Val Dovguls – Securitas Ireland Head of Marketing and Communications


Val commenced his journey with Securitas Ireland in early 2007, initially serving as a retail security officer. Eager to embrace challenges, Val's role evolved over the years. By 2015, his diverse portfolio included positions such as Retail Sector Supervisor, Microsoft Criminal Compliance Specialist, Facebook Security Operations Centre Supervisor, and Securitas Communications Centre operator.

In 2016, an internal opportunity arose, leading to Val's promotion to Operations Manager. In this capacity, his primary responsibility was to ensure the day-to-day operations within the branch adhered to company policies and procedures. Collaborating closely with his line manager, Tomás Murphy, Val consistently provided support to both customers and employees.

Val possesses a creative and innovative mindset, coupled with effective management skills and a proficiency in goal setting. His repertoire includes excellent leadership, team-building, communication, and interpersonal skills. Thriving in a dynamic environment, he is highly self-motivated.

In July 2018, Val took on the role of Head of Marketing and Communications for Securitas Ireland. In this capacity, he is tasked with defining and managing internal and external communication strategies. Val actively contributes to shaping and implementing an engaging, measurable external communication strategy for both corporate and client-facing audiences, aligning with Securitas' business priorities.

As part of his responsibilities, Val proactively oversees and enhances key communication channels, including the Securitas Ireland website and social media platforms. His focus is on delivering measurable and positive outcomes to drive business performance.

At Securitas, we’re proud of our team! We’re always looking for great new team members to help us protect homes, workplaces, and communities and continue to impress our clients.

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