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Reward and Recognition

Our employees do extraordinary things every day, making a real difference to their clients and to their local communities.

In our line of work it is the little things that count. While these everyday acts of heroism might go unnoticed in society by many, we rarely miss them. Your sense of integrity, security know-how and desire to serve make up the core of who we are as a company. Saying thank you means such a lot, which is why our managers go out of their way to reward our officers with "You Make The Difference" awards.


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Meet our Awards winners.

Securitas Core Values Award

This month we had a pleasure of presenting our officer Lawrence with his second Securitas Core Value Award this year. This Award was in recognition of his continuous high level of customer service to both client and management on site.

This time our officer Lawrence and Site Supervisor Tom assisted one of the employees on-site to return his misplaced wallet. For this they have been recognised in some fantastic customer feedback.

“I would like to thank you and Lawrence for the incident involving my misplaced wallet. My wallet was observed and not touched and when a colleague was asked to look for the wallet both you and Lawrence directed my colleague to my desk where my wallet was. The wallet was extremely important as it has my credit cards and my immigration card. I was grateful to your team for safeguarding my wallet and its return.”

Well done Team, keep up the good work!

Pictured is Lawrence receiving “Securitas Core Values Award” from BM Alan O’Connor.

Securitas Team Award

On behalf of Securitas Ireland, we would like to thank the team in Cherrywood for the outstanding work and commitment they showed to the client from the safety and wellbeing perspective during the recent COVID-19 restrictions.

The officers went above and beyond of what is expected from them to make sure all the employees got access to their much-needed equipment to be able to work from home safely.

The team have also been praised by the client senior management team in there reporting of a number of serious security concerns during the currently ongoing building works in the campus.

Congratulations on your Award! Keep up the good work team.

Securitas Core Values Award

Well done to our Site Supervisor Colm who received Securitas Core Values Award following some excellent feedback from the client.

“As on many prior occasions, today was another day to be thankful we have Colm in Security. This morning a gentleman arrived at Security to say he was an auditor and was here to do anunannounced audit. Colm was very busy as he was managing all the comings and goings for the construction project on-site.

Despite this, he asked to see the visitor’s ID. This was shown, and Colm examined it closely, realised that although it was an official ID badge, that the photo did not match the visitor. He gave it back, about to ask, and the visitor acknowledged that Colm had done his job properly, took out another ID which was his actual photo ID and showed that to Colm. He said there was no longer need to audit the site, and he would be leaving, thanking Colm for his time.

We have known that the auditors carry out audits to check all aspects of Security to ensure that any item we send by air has been packed securely in a safe location, has not been tampered with, and that all aspects of Security are tight. This is the first time they have tested us like this at the incoming check and Colm passed with flying colours.”

Well done Colm and Congratulations on your Award!

Pictured Tiago Rebola - Securitas Branch Manager (left), Colm - Securitas Site Security Supervisor (right).

Securitas Core Values Award

Great to see that our security officer Anamarija fully embrace the Securitas “Core Values” in this case Vigilance.

Only for the awareness and intervention of Anamarija while on patrol there could have been potentially damage and cost to the client building. Anamarija did a fantastic job on containing the leak as 1st respondents which allowed the on-site facilities team to both find the source and resolve it.

Well done Anamarija, and keep up the great work!

Pictured Anamarija - Securitas Security Officer (left) and Parminder - Securitas Campus Security Manager (right).

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We believe diverse organisations perform better. So we make great use of our people’s diverse talents and skills so that our clients and our local communities benefit too.

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