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MobileCam Solution

A solution intended for the protection of sensitive areas, inaccessible and without technical infrastructures, such as construction sites, parking lots, warehouses, railway lines, sidings, and delivery zones 24/7 - 365

Crime, and especially theft, at construction sites, is a huge business! Thieves and vandals can directly impact the success of a project and diminish the potential profitability of the project under construction. These crimes are not new, and they affect all parties involved; the owner of the building, contractor, insurance company, equipment dealer and manufacturer etc. Although most contractors are insured for this type of loss, insurance costs are increasing, and the construction theft industry keeps growing, which is why the involvement of all is required to fight this vice and reduce the opportunities of these crimes.

MobileCam: Portable Perimeter Security

MobileCam offers a flexible and portable security solution for monitoring outdoor perimeters and remote locations. It serves as a robust deterrent against intruders while offering seamless monitoring capabilities for remote sites. The MobileCam system comprises a range of surveillance cameras (including detection cameras and PTZ), lighting fixtures, detectors, a loudspeaker, an image recorder, and an IP communication system, all designed for portability.


  • Multiple camera options (detection, PTZ) for comprehensive coverage
  • Integrated lighting and detectors for deterrence and alert-triggering
  • Loudspeaker for direct communication
  • Image recording and remote access via IP communication

Security Solutions for the Construction Sector

Whether it's a small-scale construction site or a large-scale development project, Securitas offers scalable solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. By partnering with us, construction companies can focus on their core activities with the confidence that their assets and personnel are protected around the clock.

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24/7 - 365 monitoring

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is under constant surveillance by trained professionals, overseeing camera images around the clock. Additionally, clients have the capability to remotely access live video feeds at their convenience.

Intrusion response

Should an alarm be triggered, there's no need for you to immediately head to the site. Our trained operators can engage with intruders in real-time using the loudspeaker or if necessary promptly alert An Garda Síochána and dispatch our nearest mobile response unit. Securitas Ireland boasts the most extensive network of mobile response units in the country, ensuring the best response times.

Proven applications

MobileCam's versatility makes it suitable for various security needs, deployed successfully across hundreds of sites in Ireland and Europe. Here are some common applications:

  • Construction sites: Protect equipment, and materials, and prevent unauthorised access.
  • Event management: Ensure crowd safety and monitor critical areas during events.
  • Utilities: Secure sensitive infrastructure like power plants, substations, and pipelines.
  • Infrastructure projects: Monitor ongoing projects and deter vandalism or theft.

Safeguard your public liability with MobileCam

In addition to offering round-the-clock security, MobileCam plays a crucial role in meeting your public liability obligations by swiftly detecting any alterations to the site and promptly identifying intruders.

Moreover, it offers a dependable means of monitoring the movements of authorised personnel. Access to the site requires individuals to arm and disarm the system using their exclusive PID key, ensuring accountability and enhanced security measures.

Rapid deployment monitored protection

In response to the escalating threat and risk of criminal activity, a prominent client situated in the heart of Dublin sought a swift and monitored security solution. Recognising the urgency of the situation, the client engaged in the deployment of the SAFER POD® S1 system to fortify their premises against potential security breaches.

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