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MobileCam Solution

A solution intended for the protection of sensitive areas, inaccessible and without technical infrastructures, such as construction sites, parking lots, warehouses, railway lines, sidings, and delivery zones.

Crime, and especially theft, at construction sites, is a huge business! Thieves and vandals can directly impact the success of a project and diminish the potential profitability of the project under construction. These crimes are not new, and they affect all parties involved; the owner of the building, contractor, insurance company, equipment dealer and manufacturer etc. Although most contractors are insured for this type of loss, insurance costs are increasing, and the construction theft industry keeps growing, which is why the involvement of all is required to fight this vice and reduce the opportunities of these crimes.

You can severely reduce theft and vandalism by making sure that your site has a trained security team, and is backed by remote surveillance services that will keep an eye on the properties and assets during and outside the working hours.

MobileCam is equipped with a set of vision and thermal imaging cameras, aggregate, sound system and lighting. The platform uses intelligent image analytics and monitors alarm signals, eliminating those that do not constitute a threat. The operator of the Securitas Operation Center can communicate with an intruder in real-time and call a patrol in case of an emergency.


Effective, economical, mobile and fully equipped protection system

Unique to the market, the MobileCam offers a quality service that is both more effective and less expensive than traditional guards and equipment.


  • Used in difficult field conditions, in places without a permanent power source.
  • Camera and loudspeaker system mounted on a mast at a height of 6 meters.
  • Own power system with hydrogen fuel making it environmentally friendly
  • Reliable motion detection thanks to intelligent image analysis of thermal imaging cameras.
  • Constant image recording in HD quality with a range of 360 °.
  • Any time of renting the platform.
  • Real-time access to images and recordings recorded by the platform using any end device.



The versatility of the MobileCam range is second to none. Deployed in 100’s sites across Ireland and Europe, it’s suitable for a number of applications including:


  • Construction Sites
  • Event Management
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure Projects


Protect your public liability


As well as providing a 24/7 security solution the MobileCam helps you fulfil your public liability obligations by ensuring that any changes to the site are picked up swiftly and any intruders are detected immediately.

In addition, it provides a reliable method for monitoring the comings and goings of authorised personnel, as anyone accessing the site, will need to arm and disarm the system, using their own unique PID key.


Want to know more? Our team of business security experts will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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