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Wireless fire and emergency alarm system

WES3 Wireless fire and emergency alarm system is an innovative fire safety and evacuation system that helps protect people, property and assets on building and construction sites.

The aim of the WES3 Wireless fire and emergency alarm system is to give the workforce the earliest possible warning of fire, allowing the maximum time to escape and to call the fire and emergency services if required. This early alert can reduce the risk of injury as well as provide more time to restrain fire spread, minimising damage and financial loss.

This proven Wireless fire and emergency alarm system is mobile and wireless, with a long battery life delivering a cost-efficient, effective and practical solution. Quickly and easily deployed at any location, WES3 is EN54-25 compliant, has a CE mark and meets all important fire safety guidelines and legislation.


WES3 Wireless fire and emergency alarm system features

  • Full Isolation System Test Mode: Allows testing individual alarm points without activating the entire system, minimizing disruption and false alarms.
  • Inspection Delay: Provides site managers with a temporary delay before initiating an evacuation, allowing them to verify the alarm's legitimacy and avoid unnecessary disruptions.
  • Real-time System Notification: Ensures immediate awareness of system issues and faults by displaying them on the control unit as they occur, enabling prompt corrective action.

WES3 benefits

  • EN5-254 certified system
  • Completely wireless system (3-year battery)
  • Simple to setup, install, and reposition
  • 24/7 protection with smoke/heat detectors
  • Easily connects with other systems
  • 4G connectivity for offsite communication
  • IP55 rated, suitable for outdoor use
  • Remote monitoring via REACT
  • Two-year warranty

Security Solutions for the Construction Sector

Whether it's a small-scale construction site or a large-scale development project, Securitas offers scalable solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. By partnering with us, construction companies can focus on their core activities with the confidence that their assets and personnel are protected around the clock.

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Simple setup requiring no special tools or expertise. Protection that's always ready when you are.

The units that make up the WES3 system can be deployed as soon as the building is out of the ground. Setup is quick and easy – it takes just a few minutes for your units to be a network on active duty protecting your site and workers. All WES3 units connect to form a secure long-range flooded mesh network, so if a fire breaks out any unit can trigger a site-wide alarm, whether automatically in the case of the detector unit or manually via the Call Points.

The WES3 Interface unit enables seamless integration of your WES3 system with various other on-site building management and emergency systems, such as wired fire alarms, BMS (Building Management Systems), and access control turnstiles. Suited for a diverse array of projects, from new constructions to extensive refurbishments, this unit facilitates communication with a wide range of technologies commonly utilized in existing buildings, construction sites, and site cabins.

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