Concierge Services

We create smart security solutions for property owners. We shoulder the responsibility for your property when you’re not available, and keep you and your tenants safe with on-call property services, emergency security services and a specialized property monitoring centre. Choose fire protection, security cameras and patrolling guards for complete protection.

On-call property service

Our on-call property service enables your tenants to receive assistance with various problems such as water damage, a broken window or a garage door that’s not working. Problems are reported to our service centre.

If the report is for a simple problem, our quick-response custodians can be on site quickly to investigate the problem and take first steps.

This is a cost-effective option that helps you avoid expensive bills from specialists for more basic issues. If our custodians can’t resolve the problem, we send the case on to a technician or specialist firm with which you have an agreement.

When you return to work, you’ll have a report showing the problems that were reported and the steps we took.

Monitoring centre for property issues

We have a specialised managed monitoring centre for property-related issues. This is where your tenants call to report problems or receive advice. Our operators are specially trained in property issues and are therefore well suited to make correct decisions, avoiding unnecessary call-outs and the associated cost. If you also connect your technical alarms, elevator alarms and fire alarms to us, your property will be monitored and in good hands during the hours when you’re not there yourself.


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