Data Center Security Specialisation

In a data center, the customers bring their business-critical systems, computer equipment, central servers, and internet servers under one roof. Such a high-risk location requires optimal safety solutions and very strict security. Equipment, information services and the continuity of critical IT resources. All this in conjunction with a customer-friendly service environment. Customers have to be able to come freely to the site and be comfortable with their systems overall security.

Securitas provides high-quality and cost-efficient solutions that fit within your budget and needs, where people and technology are mutually reinforcing. Datacentre Solutions may include:

  • Safety: Research and advice on the use of the appropriate fire tools
  • Proactively secureearly detection of abnormal behaviour in combination with appropriate succession 
  • Access control system (possibly with facial and fingerprint scans) to identify, verify and record employees and visitors
  • Camera, connected to the alarm centre of either the customer or Securitas, where dispatchers can watch with an alarm can enable live and direct assistance
  • Remote Video Services, to help verify alarms, opening and closing of premises and accompanying persons or goods
  • Mobile alerts: Panic buttons or PPA's for people who are alone (and remote) work. In an emergency, our emergency centre can directly communicate with them and enable aid to be despatched
  • Hospitality: a visit experience that fits what you want to project as a company. Where we provide a welcoming environment for staff and visitors
  • Escorts: visitors/vendors or customer staff as part of the security programs need may require a permanent escort whilst in the Data Centre

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