Executive Protection

Securitas’ executive protection solution is a reliable choice when you – or the company, government agency or organization you represent – are facing a threatening situation. We tailor our security solutions to suit your unique situation. Our experienced and discreet employees are there to protect your integrity and provide you with a safe and secure day-to-day experience.

Our Services

Our personal protection services include preventive measures, as well as the actual guarding assignment. These assignments always involve protecting individuals and/or organizations facing a direct or general threat. By combining personnel guarding and advanced technology, we protect people’s lives, health and integrity, and always aim to offer optimal security with a minimal impact on your life and surroundings.

Our services are divided as follows:

  • Personal protection
  • Close protection
  • Security consulting
  • Secure transportation
  • Travel security
  • Conference security
  • Technical security

Security consulting

Security consulting is a major part of our operations. Representatives of various government agencies, companies and organizations enlist the help of our personal protection division to review their security procedures, as well as their personnel and technical protection.

We always begin an assignment by conducting a risk inventory and evaluating existing solutions, action plans and procedures. On-going security consulting gives you the opportunity to continuously review and update your security solution to ensure that the right security level is maintained.

Our consultants are experts in security procedures and conduct a risk and threat analysis focused on you as an individual. Working together, we establish procedures to prevent and rectify the risks identified. We look at the changes anticipated in the immediate future and plan your security accordingly in order to ensure that you maintain the right protection.

Securitas authorized for personal protection

Securitas is authorized to conduct personal protection services and offer internal training in personal protection. This authorization ensures that our employees have undergone all relevant training in accordance with the prevailing legislation and regulations.

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