Security Risk Management and Consulting

We can offer you both introductory and on-going security consulting services. To ensure that we provide the best possible security solution for your operations, we must first work together to conduct a risk inventory and analysis. From there, we offer on-going security consulting services to ensure that your security solution is always at the right level.

Risk inventory and analysis

Conducting a risk inventory involves working together to map out your operations, equipment, employee influence and existing protection. The aim of this risk inventory is to identify and make you aware of the weak spots and risks in your operations so that they can be prevented or rectified. This allows us to always remain one step ahead in our security work.

Risk analysis

Once we have taken an inventory of the risks in your operation, we analyse them based on the probability of each risk occurring and the potential impact on your operations if they do. Many risks can be rectified by taking rather simple measures, while others may be impossible to eliminate but can be prevented through sound procedures and security systems.

We then work together to determine which measures and procedures are needed to create a complete protection solution to suit your operation. By being aware of the risks associated with your business, we can also create procedures for handling situations that may arise if a risk materializes in order to reduce the potential damage.

Security consulting

Securitas’ security consulting services give you the opportunity to continuously update your security solution. We review the security level of your operation twice per year to ensure that it is suitable for the conditions and needs of your business. We primarily focus on the immediate future based on the changes you anticipate in your operations in order to prevent the risk of an insufficient security level. We will then provide you with suggestions for planning a cost-effective security solution.

We also cooperate with Seccredo AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Securitas. 

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Pinkerton will help you examine all risk areas of your business and operations – both inside and outside of the company – that can impact your organization’s value. To help protect this value, Pinkerton mitigates the four core risk areas that impact businesses: Hazard & Event Risk; Operational & Physical Risk; Market & Economic Risk; and Technology & Informational Risk. See how our uniquely holistic approach to risk management at Pinkerton is designed to keep your entire company safe and secure.

Pinkerton is the industry’s leading provider of risk management services and solutions for organizations throughout the world. We have over 160 years experience managing risks that could potentially harm your business or enterprise. From private detective work, to corporate risk consulting, Pinkerton prides itself on offering services to keep your company safe.

The Industry Leader in Risk Management Since 1850

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Pinkerton offers national and global organizations a vast selection of reliable risk management services and solutions, including: 


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