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With the appropriate theft prevention measures in place a company can reduce losses and theft. We can offer a variety of solutions for different sectors and different occasions. Our services, individually or in combination, include fraud investigations, various levels of access control and store detectives.

Exit controls

Exit controls are carried out unannounced at the staff and personnel exits from the company and can be carried out by one or two guards. At the control point, staff and personnel shall show purses or bags, etc. that they have in their possession and be able to confirm any possible purchases with a valid receipt or documentation issued from the customer. The guard will show valid identification and carry out the control with a customer service-minded and friendly attitude in order to avoid making the personnel feel uncomfortable.

Times, places and the controllers are varied in such a way that the personnel never know when or how they will be checked. Securitas guards are specially chosen due to the assignment’s sensitive nature.
All deviations and non-conformances are noted and reported in writing to the customer.

Hotel and Restaurant controls

Hotel and restaurant controls are for the purpose of preventing and controlling loss in hotels, restaurants. The service is fully flexible and is tailor-made in accordance with the customer’s desires and needs. 
Hotel and restaurant controls are carried out by at least two civilian personnel who pose as normal guests and who closely observe how the personnel handle cash and tips and also check to ensure that the current price list is used.

At hotels, the quality of the hotel personnel’s procedures and service can be checked. After the control, the customer gets a report on how the operation functions with an emphasis on loss and customer service.

Sales control, test buying

At Securitas sales control, test buying is carried out as a preventive measure, which checks the honesty of shop personnel in connection with cash handling. During the test purchase, personnel’s knowledge, procedures and customer service skills are also checked. This provides the customer with a quality control of its personnel. The test purchase is carried out by two store detectives who pose as customers making a normal purchase.

Times, places and controllers are varied in such a way that the personnel never know when or how they will be checked. Securitas maintains constant contact with the customer in order to, as quickly as possible, be able to provide feedback, suggestions and also to carry out changes in the controls. All deviations are noted and reported in writing to the client.


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