Securitas Ireland Store Detectives’

Securitas Security Services Ireland Store Detectives (SD’s) are primarily deployed on site to prevent theft and shoplifting. The Detectives often work whilst wearing plain clothing and are permitted to operate in plain clothes under the Irish Private Security Authorities (PSA) and as part of a team of licences security officers.

Detect theft in your store

Store detectives from Securitas Security Service Ireland can prevent delivery loss through various types of controls. The service, delivery control, can include the checking of goods and/or vehicles.

During the checking of goods, the store detective ensures that the delivered goods are in accordance with the shipping notes.

Shop crime can be detected

The store detective service is for the purpose of hindering and preventing shoplifting, theft and loss in shop environments where the service is carried out by store detectives who act like normal customers and are attired the same as your customers.

The Securitas store detectives observe especially vulnerable departments where there are items which are apt to be stolen and give suggestions regarding possible adjustments in exposure, which may hinder these goods from disappearing. In this way, the customer gets an understanding about the scope of loss in the shop.

The store detectives work in a way where they do not arouse suspicion or reveal their assignment.

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