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On Site Security Guarding

Stationary or Static guard services are adapted to your organisation’s security requirements and may include local alarm and CCTV monitoring as well as call-out services and servicing.

On Site Security Guarding

Stationary guard services are recommended if you have a large business or conduct operations which require the presence of our security guards in your premises at all times. We will adapt our undertaking to your security requirements.

Typical duties of a static security guard:

  • Locking/unlocking and activation and deactivation of alarms for business premises
  • Local monitoring of alarms and emergency call-out in the event of a burglar alarm, fire alarm or technical alarm
  • Access and exit control
  • Reception services
  • Manning of gates and doors
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Administration of access control cards
  • Patrols in your premises and the surrounding area
  • Technical patrols for inspection of fire alarms and security systems
  • Reporting of faults and on-call property maintenance
  • Parking service

Special technical patrols for fire alarms and security systems

Enhance your security services with our technical patrols for inspection of locks and security systems as well as testing and maintenance of fire safety systems to obtain cost-effective control of your security. We carry out theme patrols in connection with our other security duties, thus minimising the impact on your business and saving you the cost of engaging expensive consultants to perform the same services.

Stationary guard services can be used at:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Public transport
  • Museums
  • Universities and university colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres and arcades

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