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Healthcare Security Services

Within the healthcare sector the in Ireland, the security needs vary depending on whether the facility is a hospital, a primary care facility, retirement home or a dispensing outlet. Hospitals may also vary: some are emergency treatment centres and others are specialist clinics.

Needs of the Customer

Irish Hospitals may also vary: some are emergency treatment centres, whilst others are specialist clinics. The security services provided need to be adjusted accordingly depending on the needs of the customer.

The risks of a healthcare organisation are often underestimated. Visitors can walk in and out. There's often expensive equipment and there are many medications.

Theft, vandalism and aggression are also frequently found. In addition, a healthcare environment’s should be a place where everyone feels welcome. For patients, this is often a long period of time their home. They should feel at ease and security is self-evident.

Suitable Solutions

Within your objectives, Securitas look for the most suitable solutions, we believe that customer care, and hospitality, security and safety all go hand in hand and are complimentary to each other.

  • Proactively secure: by means of early identification of deviations and the appropriate follow-up can prevent incidents and the primary process is not disturbed
  • Hospitality: a visit experience that fits what you want to project as a healthcare institution and where we provide a welcoming environment for patients, staff and visitors
  • Security: in combination with hospitality: a security guard who also serves as host. He can help in answering questions, giving directions and de-escalating action. The security officer is specifically trained in a health institution
  • Safety: research and advice to giving emergency response training and evacuation exercises
  • Access control system (possibly with facial and fingerprint scans). To identify, verify and record employees and visitors

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