Business Campus's and Estate Security

Business parks and some residential areas are particularly vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism and thefts. It is often an expensive option with a permanently attached guard. We specialize in security of industrial estates and residential areas and have developed a concept that ensures a reliable zone for business and a safe zone for private.

Several Businesses / Residences - One Security Guard

The concept is built on "timeshare" philosophy, which means that more businesses / residences share the same security guard either static or a Mobile Security Interventions Professional.

Our Security Officers continuously move within the campus grounds and common areas, businesses / homes in a given area can join the security program, volumes drive costs and will also mean more resources can be deployed.

The extent of the area the guard covers are adaptable to each need, but usually consists of a permanent security guard in busy periods and times where experience has thought you when is the greatest risk of criminal acts.

Patrol tasks either on foot or mobile deter and help to prevent crimes, the officer is there to observe what is happening and can take action if they find any irregularities (fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) in the area.

A Matter of Trust

The Securitas employees will tasked to oversee your business needs, our staff will be specially trained for each task, and is our activities are complemented by our barcode system set up by the businesses / homes are included in the project. 

Barcode system means that you can view the document detailing the guards movement’s as to where and when the guard has been on the given sites at the given times..

Campus and Industrial Estates

Below you can read more about some of the other security solutions that can help to improve security in your campus and industrial estate.

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