Better Security Pay and Conditions for Security Officers from 1st of October 2015

Employment Regulation Orders are in addition to agreements such as the national minimum wage; Security staff in Ireland since the 1st of October 2015 are now covered by the new statutory instrument SI 417 of 2015. This agreement deals with the pay and working conditions of the security staff concerned and may be included in an employee’s contract of employment.

ERO Constitutional Challenge

Following a High Court decision based on a challenge by a group of employers (not connected directly with the Security Industry), all Employment Regulation Orders (ERO) ceased to have statutory effect from 7 July 2011

As nearly all staff in the Security industry were covered by contract of employments and as such continued to enjoy the benefits of the previous ERO, these staff were not directly affected initially, however as companies were now free to employ staff at the national minimum rate with no allowances at all, this meant that the companies could undercut in tenders companies paying staff the old ERO rate and as a result contracts were being lost and staff were being replaced by staff on the national minimum rates and as a result standards and conditions in the industry were going backwards.

The government set about addressing the issues with the previous system and as a result the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2012 reforming the Joint Labour Committees wage-setting mechanisms came into force on 1 August 2012, this meant groups could come together to form a Joint labour Committee for the Security Industry.

Increase in pay and working conditions for Security Staff

Securitas Ireland Management staff was and are part of the Irish Security Employer Committee that was formed by the Security Institute of Ireland that would sit on the employer side of the new reconstituted Joint Labour Committee which was tasked with negotiating with the Irish Trade Unions representing the employees.

Securitas Management are mandated by the Securitas Toolbox to influence and lead the Security Industry were we can for the betterment of everyone in the industry, a new Security ERO was one way to better the Irish Security Industry.

As a result of many months of talks, meetings and negotiations a new ERO for the Security Industry was agreed and was given statue power by the Irish Government Minister Mr Gerald Nash. This new ERO came into effect on 1st of October 2015 and immediately uplifted all Security Staff on less than €10.75 to this figure, some Security staff got an uplift by as much as 24% per hour in their hourly pay.

This was a great victory for the preservation of the wage and condition standards for the Security Industry and one that is firmly welcomed by Securitas Security Service Ireland.

Quality is the driver again for Security Services Procurement

Securitas Ireland was very instrumental along with others on all sides in getting this ERO on to the Irish Statue books, now it is a level playing field for wages, now quality of the Security Solution being offered will come back as the main driver for changing Security companies’ or keeping them and not that companies ability to pay the national minimum rate or the lowest possible hourly wage to their staff

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