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Employment Regulation Order (ERO)

Employment Regulation Orders are in addition to agreements such as the national minimum wage; Security staff in Ireland since the 1st of June 2017 are now covered by the new statutory instrument S.I. No. 231 of 2017. This agreement deals with the pay and working conditions of the security staff concerned and will be included in an employee’s contract of employment.

Increase in pay and working conditions for Security staff

Mr Brian Doyle, Securitas Ireland, Key Accounts Manager is part of the Irish Security Employer Committee that was formed by the Security Institute of Ireland that sits on the employer side of the Security Joint Labour Committee which is tasked with negotiating with the Irish Trade Unions representing the employees as regards the formulations of any new Employment Regulation Orders (ERO).

Securitas Management are mandated by the Securitas Toolbox to influence and lead the Security Industry were we operate for the betterment of everyone in the industry, a new Security ERO is one way for standard and terms and conditions to rise for all staff in the Irish Security Industry.

As a result of many months of talks, meetings and negotiations a new ERO for the Security Industry was agreed and came in to force on the 1sof June 2017.

This new ERO immediately uplifted all Security Staff on less than €11.05

This was a great victory for the preservation of the wage and condition standards for the Security Industry and one that is firmly welcomed by Securitas Security Service Ireland.

Statutory Minimum Remuneration and Conditions of Employment

This ERO established that prior to the 1st of May 2017, the core pay rate of all security officers to whom the order applied to was €10.75 and this core pay would change as per the below schedules and timeframes and established these rates as the core rates for security officers as a term and condition

  • €11.05 per hour — From the 1st June 2017
  • €11.35 per hour — From the 1st June 2018
  • €11.65 per hour — From the 1st June 2019

This means that for all Security Officers regardless of their rates are entitled to a 30 cent uplift as the 30 cent is only been added to their core rate of pay, which is €10.75.

Securitas Security Services Ireland will in accordance with the 2017 ERO rise all its security staff as per the above rates and timeframes and for those over these rates, they will see the extra 30 cents per hour added to their higher rates.

Also in this ERO, zero hours’ contracts were done away with because of the introduction of a contract of employment with a minimum of 24 hours per week after 6 months’ service.

Securitas Security Services have committed to offering 36 hours per week contracts of employments to those staff who pass their probation.

This is a move unparalleled within the Irish Security Industry and proves, we put our staff first, as our staff make the difference every day for our customers.

Please see a copy of the latest Irish Security Industry Employment Regulation Order

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