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A closer look at workplace culture in Securitas Ireland: Fostering security and collaboration

Securitas Ireland, a leading security solutions provider, not only stands as a guardian of safety but also cultivates a distinctive workplace culture that sets it apart in the industry.

As an organisation dedicated to providing security services that go beyond traditional expectations, Securitas Ireland places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and collaborative work environment for its employees.

Core Values

At the heart of Securitas Ireland's workplace culture are its core values, which serve as the foundation for all aspects of the company's operations. These values include integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. Employees are not only expected to adhere to these principles but are also encouraged to embody them in their daily interactions within the workplace.

Security with a human touch

Securitas Ireland believes in the power of human connections, even in the field of security. The company recognises that its success is built upon the dedication and expertise of its employees. In this regard, Securitas Ireland actively promotes a workplace where every team member feels valued and respected.

The organisation's commitment to "security with a human touch" extends beyond its client interactions to the internal dynamics of the company. This approach emphasises open communication, collaboration, and a sense of community among employees.

"At Securitas Ireland, our workplace is more than just a space; it's a vibrant community driven by the dedication and diversity of over 1200 employees. We take pride in fostering an inclusive atmosphere where every voice is heard, and each individual contributes to collective success. In an environment that values collaboration, professional growth, and a shared commitment to ensuring safety and security for all, our workplace is not merely a destination but a thriving ecosystem where each member plays a crucial role in shaping a secure and rewarding future." Michelle Collins, HR Manager, Securitas Ireland


Training and development

Securitas Ireland places a significant emphasis on continuous learning and development. The company invests in comprehensive training programs to ensure that its employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. From advanced security techniques to effective communication strategies, Securitas Ireland is dedicated to providing its workforce with the tools they need to succeed.

Recognition and rewards

Acknowledging and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication is an integral part of the workplace culture at Securitas Ireland. The company understands that a motivated workforce is a key driver of success. Whether through formal recognition programs, employee of the month awards, or performance-based incentives, Securitas Ireland actively fosters an environment where achievements are celebrated and contributions are valued.

Diversity and inclusion

Securitas Ireland is committed to creating a workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion. The company recognises the unique perspectives and talents that individuals from various backgrounds bring to the table. By promoting a culture that values differences and fosters inclusion, Securitas Ireland strives to create a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

Flexibility and work-life balance

In today's fast-paced world, Securitas Ireland understands the importance of achieving a balance between work and personal life. The company actively supports flexible working arrangements where possible, enabling employees to better manage their professional and personal commitments. This approach contributes to a healthier, more satisfied workforce.


Securitas Ireland's commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture is evident in its emphasis on core values, continuous learning, employee recognition, diversity and inclusion, and a balance between work and personal life. As the company continues to evolve in the dynamic field of security solutions, its dedication to creating a supportive and collaborative environment positions Securitas Ireland as not only a guardian of physical safety but also a champion of employee well-being and growth.

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