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Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center (RIC): Empowering resilience through strategic decision-making

In the realm of organisational resilience, Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) stands as a beacon of proactive defence.

Dedicated to fostering heightened awareness and empowering decisive security-related choices, the Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) integrates years of expertise, merging intelligence with a deep understanding of security operations and global nuances. Michael Evans, Director of Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center, emphasizes the critical role of intelligence in decision-making, highlighting its power to grant organisations a competitive edge.

Global expertise, local insight

Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) comprises a diverse team of professionals, drawing from varied backgrounds such as policing, military, government, academia and industry. This multi-faceted team, equally balanced in gender and culturally diverse, ensures a rich tapestry of perspectives. By embracing different ethnicities, languages, and expertise, RIC endeavours to establish 'follow-the-sun' teams across various time zones, enriching its intelligence spectrum.

Comprehensive intelligence services

RIC’s services are tailored to an organization’s requirements, including the Intelligence Awareness service (BRONZE)Alerting (SILVER), Advisory (GOLD), and Embedded Analyst engagements (PLATINUM). These services, providing regular and ad hoc reports, provide clients with accurate and timely intelligence. RIC's proactive approach aids organisations in navigating challenges and anticipating threats effectively.

Intelligence: The key to effective decision-making

At the heart of RIC’s mission lies the belief that intelligence equips businesses with decision-making advantage and confidence. The RIC is at the heart of Securitas’ global intelligence community, leveraging a global network of sources for collection, with raw processed, analysed, and transformed into actionable intelligence. This refined intelligence empowers organisations to address a myriad of challenges, from physical security incidents to emerging risks, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical complexities.

Strategic alignment for competitive edge

Early access to intelligence provides organisations with a strategic advantage. By aligning these insights with their business objectives, companies can respond swiftly and effectively. Leveraging lessons from the past, current events, and future forecasts, organisations maximize their decision-making potential. Moreover, the ability to identify new opportunities fosters growth and innovation.

Adaptability in a changing landscape

Informed decisions enable businesses to adapt to dynamic environments. Armed with precise and actionable intelligence, organisations confidently navigate the intricacies of the global threat landscape. This knowledge not only optimises operations but also ensures adaptability to market trends, technological advancements, and evolving client demands.

In essence, Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center emerges as a vital partner, offering not just security but also a strategic advantage. Through their meticulous analysis, RIC empowers organisations to navigate complexities, make informed choices, and emerge resilient in an ever-changing world.

Peace of mind

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