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Securitas C-CAMP: Elevating construction site security through an integrated platform

In the dynamic world of construction, ensuring site security while efficiently managing access points, contractors, visitors, and deliveries is paramount. Recognising these needs, Securitas introduces the C-CAMP Construction – Compliance and Management platform, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline security and operational management on construction sites.

The Securitas C-CAMP platform serves as a powerful extension to the existing access control systems deployed on construction sites. By seamlessly integrating with these systems, it provides guarding staff with unparalleled oversight of all site activities. This integration not only enhances security but also optimises operational efficiency, ensuring that every movement on-site is accounted for and monitored in real-time.

Accessible authorisation and reporting

One of the key features of C-CAMP is its ability to grant access to authorised users such as Business Controllers, Main Contractors, and other stakeholders. These individuals are assigned specific security roles within the platform, allowing them to access reports and live data from the construction site whenever needed. This access empowers stakeholders with timely insights, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive management of site resources.

Comprehensive record-keeping and audit capabilities

C-CAMP excels in comprehensive record-keeping, offering automated weekly reports that are delivered to the Main Contractor and/or Business Controllers. These reports provide detailed insights into all contractor and visitor activities on-site during the previous week, enabling thorough auditing and compliance verification. By automating the reporting process, C-CAMP minimises administrative burden and ensures accuracy in record-keeping.

Key Functionalities

The platform boasts a range of functionalities aimed at enhancing security and operational efficiency on construction sites:

  • Logging: Provides a live overview of the construction site population, distinguishing between Contractors and Visitors, and showing their current locations.
  • Emergency list: Offers a dedicated view for site evacuations, displaying only current contractors and visitors on-site to facilitate dynamic evacuation management.
  • Contractors: Maintains a complete list of all contractors with access to the site, managing their enrolment for inductions and granting access via Guard Staff.
  • Visitors: Plans, logs, and handles all visitor activities separately to ensure full control over site visits.
  • Deliveries: Enables booking and logging of deliveries, with contractors booking their own deliveries and Guard Staff controlling access and information as required.
  • Companies: Manages all companies contracted to work on-site, including hierarchies of main and subcontractors in tiers.
  • Reports: Provides detailed reporting on time spent by contractors and visitors in specific areas, primarily used for contractor control and invoicing purposes.

"C-Camp delivers a full solution to customers in the contracting and workforce management field, providing an innovative digital framework for entering sites and businesses. It ensures that each individual's accreditations, RAMs, and working permits are validated within seconds of each access attempt. Once the system completes the list of pre-programmed checks, the turnstile or gate will grant access. Additionally, it allows for flexible administrative actions to ensure that the user experience is delivered with ease." Peter McElhone, Solutions Development Manager, Securitas Ireland


Key Takeaways

  • Seamless integration with existing Securitas access control systems.
  • Enhanced oversight and operational efficiency for guarding staff.
  • On-demand access to reports and live data for authorised users.
  • Automated weekly reports for comprehensive auditing and compliance verification.

In conclusion, the Securitas C-CAMP platform represents a significant advancement in construction site security and management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, it empowers stakeholders with the tools they need to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency on every construction project. With C-CAMP, construction sites can operate with confidence, knowing that security and operational management are in capable hands.

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