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Unlocking career paths: Opportunities in the Irish security industry with Securitas Ireland

Exploring the dynamic landscape of security careers in Ireland

The Irish Security Industry stands as a vital component of the nation's safety infrastructure, ensuring the protection of individuals, properties, and assets. With an ever-growing need for skilled professionals, the industry offers diverse and rewarding career paths. One prominent player in this sector is Securitas Ireland, a global security solutions provider. Let's delve into the work opportunities within the Irish Security Industry and the unique offerings of Securitas Ireland.

The regulatory landscape: Upholding standards in security

The Private Security Authority (PSA) serves as the regulatory body overseeing the Irish Security Industry. It ensures that security companies and their personnel, especially static security guards and officers, adhere to stringent standards outlined in PSA 28: 2013 Guarding Security Services. A key requirement is the completion of the Static Guarding Skills Training Course (QQI 4N1118), a mandatory qualification for obtaining a Static Guarding Licence from the Private Security Authority (PSA).

These regulations emphasize the commitment to maintaining high professional standards within the industry, making it an environment where competence and qualification are paramount.

Securitas: A global leader with local opportunities 

Securitas, a global security solutions provider, plays a pivotal role in shaping the Irish Security Industry. Present in 44 markets worldwide, Securitas employs a data-driven approach, ensuring the safety and security of over 150,000 large clients. On a local scale in Ireland, Securitas Ireland proudly have a workforce of over 1,300 dedicated Security Professionals.

Training and development initiatives

Securitas Ireland recognizes that a well-trained and skilled workforce is essential for meeting the complex challenges of modern security. The company offers a fully-funded Static Guarding Skills QQI Level 4 Training course (4N1118) to all new entrants. This not only provides individuals with the necessary skills but also facilitates the acquisition of a PSA Static Guarding Licence.

Career progression and inclusivity

Securitas Ireland boasts a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace where individuals from various backgrounds are welcome. The company places a strong emphasis on career advancement, and its management structure reflects this commitment, with more than 75% of managers progressing through the ranks.

Statistics from the Private Security Authority (PSA)

Understanding the industry's scope and impact is crucial. According to the latest statistics from the PSA:


  • In September 2023 there were 42,526 employee licences in circulation. This is an increase of 2,518 since the start of the year, showcasing a growing demand for security personnel in Ireland. 

Employment Regulation Order (ERO) – Security Industry

The Irish Security Industry Employment Regulation Orders (ERO) operate alongside agreements like the national minimum wage and local arrangements with staff. As of September 4, 2023, security staff in Ireland fall under the purview of the new statutory instrument S.I. No. 424 of 2023. This instrument addresses the pay and working conditions of Irish security staff, becoming a part of and amending an employee's contract.

Mr. Brian Doyle, Key Accounts Manager at Securitas Ireland, is a member of the Irish Security Employer Committee formed by the Security Institute of Ireland. This committee represents the employer side of the Security Joint Labour Committee (JLC), tasked with negotiating new Employment Regulation Orders (ERO) with the Irish Trade Union, representing employees.

Securitas Management, guided by the Securitas Toolbox, endeavours to influence and lead the Security Industry for the benefit of everyone involved. The introduction of a new Security ERO is seen as a means to elevate standards and terms and conditions across the Irish Security Industry.

After months of talks, meetings, and negotiations, a new ERO for the Security Industry was agreed upon. Unfortunately, court challenges led to delays, and it only became law in Ireland on September 4, 2023.

PSA licensing standard PSA28:2013 mandates contractors to comply with legally enforceable legislation regarding pay rates and conditions. The PSA will monitor compliance with the new ERO through its inspection regime and take action against non-compliant entities, a stance fully supported by Securitas Ireland.

The new ERO immediately raised the Core rate of pay for all Security Staff from €11.65 to €12.90—an increase of €1.25 per hour. This move is viewed as a victory for maintaining wage and condition standards within the Irish Security Industry, welcomed by Securitas Ireland.

The ERO stipulates that, before September 4, 2023, the core payment rate for all applicable security officers was €11.65, and this changed to €12.90 with the enactment of the ERO. This €12.90 is now established as the legal core rate for all Security Officers in Ireland, regardless of composite rates.

Securitas Security Services Ireland has committed to offering 36-average-hour-per-week contracts to staff who pass their probation, covering PSA Licences and adding a percentage of their salary to staff pensions. These measures go beyond the ERO, showcasing a commitment to offering higher hourly rates, wages, and salaries.

In December 2023, the Labour Court initiated a consultation on proposals for a new Employment Regulation Order for the security guarding sector. Details are available on the Labour Court website:

Benefits of joining Securitas Ireland: more than a job

Choosing a career with Securitas comes with a range of benefits and advantages:

  • Industry-leading wages: Securitas values its employees and ensures they are rewarded competitively for their contributions.
  • Continuous learning resources: The company provides ongoing training and development courses to support employees throughout their careers.
  • Diverse, equal & inclusive workplace: Securitas is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Opportunity for career advancement: Securitas believes in nurturing talent from within, offering ample opportunities for career growth and progression.
  • Exceptional benefits: From discounted health care and pension schemes to recognition schemes, Securitas ensures its employees are well taken care of.

How to join the Securitas Ireland team

Securitas Ireland is actively seeking individuals who align with its values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. To apply for a position with Securitas Ireland, contact the team via email at or complete the online application form on their website

The company is dedicated to finding the perfect role for each candidate, ensuring a fulfilling and impactful career in the Irish Security Industry.

In conclusion, the Irish Security Industry presents a myriad of opportunities for those seeking a meaningful and impactful career. With Securitas Ireland at the forefront, aspiring professionals can not only meet the industry standards but also contribute to making the world a safer place. Join Securitas Ireland, where your skills, dedication, and commitment to safety are not just valued but celebrated.

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