Every Day Hero

Security Officer Mark Cunningham praised for helping the injured in a Dublin Bus crash.

A horrific collision between a Tram and a Bus occurred on Dublin’s O’Connell street. Security Officer Mark Cunningham was working at nearby bookshop Eason’s when he heard the crash.

“There was a loud bang and next thing you could hear was screaming, I ran out of the shop, “said Mark, and saw that the Luas had crashed into a bus”

Twenty seven people were injured in the crash and some of them were trapped in the wreckage.

“My first reaction was to run out and see how I could help. There was a guy trying to pull out a girl who was trapped by her legs. I ran over and told him to stop in case he damaged her spine. I then sat with the girl and spoke with her to calm her down. I told her that the paramedics were on their way. I just had to go and do what I could”

Mark used all the knowledge he has gained from his first aid training to assess the situation and advise those around him.

“My first aid training of course helped but also my security training. You need to be vigilant at all times, completely aware of everything that is happening”

When the emergency services arrived they thanked Mark for his help in reassuring and calming those around him in what was an extremely difficult and dangerous situation.

Mark is one of many Securitas Everyday Hero's who work every day.