Recruitment Process

Here are some responses to the most frequently asked questions about Securitas’ recruitment process:

What kind of documents do I need to bring to the interview?

Two forms of government issued identification (Passport, Driving Licence, PSA Licence, Safe PASS etc) your current and up to date CV, any educational records and certificates as well as any training certificates that you may have and a letter of proof of your address, e.g. a utility bill (Electric Ireland, Phone, Bord Gáis, etc).

What is Securitas recruitment process - step by step?

  1. You Submit Your CV to our  or complete online application
  2. Your CV must have a month on month record for the previous ten years covering all gaps with either periods of unemployment, education and employment.
  3. Your initial application will be vetted for at least the last five years covering all periods of unemployment, education and employment.
  4. You may be shortlisted and called for an interview.
  5. You will fill out in your own handwriting an official Securitas Security Services Ireland employment application form prior to the interview on site.
  6. You may be called for a second interview (position dependent)
  7. You may be offered a position with Securitas Ireland.
  8. You will sign a Securitas Security Services Ireland Contract of Employment and our various polices and will receive a copy our employee handbook.
  9. You will give your correct uniform sizes to HR in Irish measurements for neck size, jumper and jacket sizes and trouser waist and leg measurements
  10. You will be rostered for in-house training.
  11. You will then be rostered for on site training.
  12. You will then be given a site to work at and a roster.
  13. You will be subject to a six month probationary period during which time your full ten years vetting will be completed.
  14. After six months unblemished service and a clean record and having successfully been vetted for the last ten years in accordance with licensing requirements, you will then become a permanent team member of Securitas Security Services Ireland Ltd.
  15. You begin to make a difference.

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