Amish Nuckcheddy - GSOC Operator

Hello guys, my name is Amish.

I came to Ireland after spending 5 years in the Mauritius Police force in 2006, since then I have been involved in the Irish Security Industry. Starting with positive and proactive professionalism with a highly successful career in loss prevention within the retail sector in Ireland. Specialising in developing strategies and initiatives to reduce shrinkage and to minimise internal and external theft.

In 2016 I was offered an opportunity to work for Securitas in IT Corporate sector as part of the initial team setting up the Regional Operation Centre for an American microblogging and social networking service company. Currently am working for the world's largest professional social network company with 706+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide contracted by Securitas in the Global Security Operation Centre in the EMEA & LATAM.

Some of you may wonder, what are our daily tasks in the Global Security Operations Centre?

  • Our daily task includes answering emergency and non-emergency calls from employees Globally;
  • Evaluate the information provided to understand needs, options for resolution;
  • Raise issues to the appropriate resources for resolution;
  • Use technology to monitor and investigate alarms;
  • Manage access control for employees, contractors, and vendors;
  • Support key business partners and enable Global Security initiatives that ensure a safe and secure environment;
  • Work closely with all Global Security teams (Operations, Crisis Management, Environmental Health & Safety, Intelligence, Investigations, as well as Facilities, Legal and HR);
  • Use GSOC software and systems for communications, video review, crisis management response, record keeping, and access control.

To finish my story, I would like to say: “I am very proud to work for Securitas. People are treated with respect, and the company is good at putting people in positions to maximize their strengths.”