Brian Doyle

19 June 2019

Securitas Ireland Key Account Manager

Brian joined Securitas Security Services Ireland on the 23rd of March 1985 as a security officer and worked on several customer contracts within various segments.

Brian joined the Securitas Head Office staff as a Controller in May 1998. He gained valuable experience in security operations and the complex interactions needed to manage all the different facets of the role.

Next, in 2001 he was appointed to the position of Assistant Branch Manager; a step up and a steep learning curve. he was responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of all aspects of the Branch and providing support to the Branch Manager. 

From here he progressed to the position of Branch Manager in 2005 and then to Regional Manager for Ireland in Mobile Security Services Ireland and the UK in 2006.

In early 2009 Brian returned to Security Services as a Branch Manager, in 2014 he became the company’s CTO,  this role was to help lead Securitas Ireland into its next stage of growth and to help with the successful execution of Securitas Ireland’s business mission through development and deployment of Security Solutions and leading all aspects of the company’s technology developments. The role was leading implementation of web and mobile applications and information and communications technology (I.C.T.) Introducing technology in to the security solutions offered by Securitas Ireland - Remote Video Solutions, monitoring and remote services, manage product  development, marketing and communications, website and internal tools. The role was also was to help shape the technology strategy as they scale rapidly and to build and implement new strategies necessary to meet the needs of Securitas Security Services Ireland from an infrastructural  IT framework as well as technical sales offerings.

In 2017, Brian became a Key Account Manager for Securitas Ireland where Brian, supports and manages the Security needs of some of Securitas Ireland’s larger Key Client Accounts as well as remaining the CTO and SEGAD contact for Securitas Ireland. Brian is also heavily involved in Securitas Ireland projects of various operational and strategic natures and technicalities both home and abroad.

Over the past 34 years Brian has witnessed a lot of changes to the company in terms of personnel and names. The industry is now regulated, and conditions are a long way from the £2.25 flat rate per hour he started on. Licensing is a major advancement in the recognition of our Industry. Further progress will come as we develop our people and our products. Standards are raised higher each day as the operational expectations of our Clients.

Brian is a member of the security industry Joint Labour Committee (JLC) which sets minimum pay and standards for all Security staff working for every Security company in Ireland through an Employment Regulation Order (ERO), the last phase of the 2017 was applied to our staff in June 2019, Brian will be part of the next Security JLC, and he will now begin looking at the potential for the next ERO over the next few months with the Unions and the Employers hopefully for the formation of a new ERO for 2020 and beyond.

Brian says “We must not just meet, but we must exceed our clients’ expectations and over deliver on their Security needs, this can only be achieved through ongoing training, staff retention and personal developments to meet head-on the challenges of tomorrow and the next few years whereby our staff will continue to make the differences and client centricity will be at the centre of everything we do”.