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Winner of the 2024 Securitas Global Purpose Award

David Cullen, the Protective Services Operations Manager at Securitas Ireland, has been named as the overall winner of the Securitas Global Purpose Award 2024.

29 May 2024 13:32

At Securitas, we uphold the belief that every role, no matter how big or small, contributes to our greater purpose to help make the world a safer place. Our employees are crucial to our ability to deliver on that purpose, which is why recognising their hard work and contributions is essential.

The Securitas Purpose Awards celebrate our shared purpose :We help make your world a safer place” and values of Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness by highlighting colleagues who consistently go above and beyond. These awards not only honor their dedication but also reinforce the principles that unite our global organisation, comprising 341,000 employees across 44 markets.

David Cullen: Champion of Sustainability


David Cullen’s recognition as the overall winner of the Securitas Global Purpose Award 2024 is a testament to his outstanding dedication to our purpose and values, as well as his leadership in advancing sustainability within our organisation. His approach and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in driving Securitas Ireland's mission to uphold environmental responsibility, foster social impact, and promote sustainable business practices.

David has played a pivotal role in developing and promoting a comprehensive country narrative on sustainability. By fostering strategic collaborations across departments such as the Leadership Team, Marketing, Procurement, Risk & Compliance, and HR, he has created an environment that encourages the exchange of innovative ideas and insights, driving continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts.

One of David's notable achievements is the creation and presentation of a compelling country document that has received praise from both internal stakeholders and external clients. This document, continually refined under his guidance, reflects our steadfast commitment to sustainability and proactive response to emerging challenges.

David's proactive efforts extend beyond the office. He utilises multiple channels to raise awareness internally and engage with clients externally. Through internal communications platforms, face-to-face discussions, and strategic partnerships like the Cloudforests initiative, he effectively communicates our sustainability efforts and values, making a lasting impact on stakeholders.

Under David's leadership, Securitas Ireland's sustainability reporting has reached new heights, showcasing our progress and commitment to science-based targets (SBTi). Collaborating with external vendors such as EcoVadis, David has enhanced our transparency and credibility in the sustainability domain, solidifying our position as a leader in responsible business practices.

Moreover, David's dedication to aligning our business with sustainable practices is exemplified by his active involvement in addressing RFP sustainability information requests and leading sustainability strategy meetings for RFPs. His strategic vision and leadership underscore the integral role of sustainability as a key driver of our business strategy.

Securitas Ireland extends heartfelt congratulations to David Cullen on this well-deserved recognition and expresses deep gratitude for his continued dedication to advancing sustainability principles within our organisation.


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About the Securitas Purpose Awards

Established in 2019, the Securitas Purpose Awards celebrate colleagues who perform exceptional work across six categories. Three categories are named after our core values: integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. The fourth, a global “overall” Purpose Award, is the highest recognition given to a colleague embodying our purpose and values. The fifth honors a team whose collective efforts redefine teamwork, and the final category recognises those pioneering a greener, more sustainable future.

Each year, thousands of colleagues are nominated by their peers and leaders for these prestigious awards, with nominations coming from nearly every area, function, division, and market across our global organisation. From security officers to technicians, branch managers to receptionists, and every role in between, the diversity and talent of the Securitas workforce are truly remarkable.

Every nomination is inspiring, reflecting the exceptional work being done worldwide. This is a testament to our culture and a reminder of our mantra: "You make the difference." Every nominee and every colleague plays a vital role in upholding our values and purpose, strengthening our company and enhancing the safety of our communities.