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Enhanced Maternity Leave Benefits at Securitas Ireland

Securitas Ireland is delighted to announce a significant improvement in maternity leave pay for all eligible team members. This move reflects our unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional workplace that embraces the diverse aspects of our valued team members' lives.

12 March 2024 10:24

At Securitas, our mission has always been to provide more than just a professional environment. We are dedicated to supporting our employees during crucial personal milestones, and we recognise the significance of the maternity leave period. To address this, we are proud to introduce improved maternity leave benefits that better cater to the needs of our workforce.

Effective March 2024, the updated maternity leave pay for all eligible Securitas Ireland employees includes:

  • 50% Gross Salary or 13-Week Average: Employees will receive 50% of their gross salary or the average of the previous 13 weeks' pay, provided by Securitas Security Services Ireland Limited, throughout the duration of their (26 week) paid maternity leave.
  • Option for Statutory Maternity Leave Benefit: Employees have the option to apply for the Statutory Maternity Leave Benefit offered by the DEASP while retaining this benefit.

These enhancements are designed to contribute to a healthier work-life balance for our employees during this significant period in their lives. Aligned with our ongoing commitment to creating a workplace that supports both professional aspirations and personal well-being, these changes represent a positive step forward.

"Securitas Ireland is thrilled to announce our enhanced maternity leave benefits, a testament to our commitment to our team's well-being. At Securitas, we believe in fostering a workplace that not only champions professional growth but also supports our employees during pivotal life moments. The improved maternity leave pay underscores our dedication to creating a harmonious work-life balance for our valued team members. This milestone reflects our ongoing journey towards a more inclusive and supportive workplace where employees can thrive both personally and professionally. Securitas Ireland remains steadfast in its mission to provide innovative security solutions while prioritising the welfare of our diverse and exceptional team." Michelle Collins, HR Manager, Securitas Ireland


Securitas Ireland looks forward to continuing our journey toward a more inclusive and supportive workplace, ensuring our employees thrive both professionally and personally.

Securitas Ireland is a leading security solutions provider dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for businesses and communities. With a focus on innovation and employee well-being, Securitas Ireland remains at the forefront of the security industry.