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Securitas Ireland earns EcoVadis 2023 Bronze Medal

We are thrilled to share our latest achievement: the receipt of the EcoVadis 2023 Bronze Medal for Sustainable Development.

25 April 2024 15:48

Securitas Ireland, a leading security solutions provider, proudly announces its receipt of the EcoVadis 2023 Bronze Medal, a testament to its commitment to sustainable development. With an impressive overall score of 54/100*, Securitas Ireland has secured its position among the top 50% of the best-performing companies evaluated by EcoVadis in 2023.

Securitas Ireland EcoVadis.png

The EcoVadis certification is meticulously tailored to accommodate the size and sector of each assessed company, ensuring a comprehensive analysis that reflects the company's unique strengths and areas for improvement. This certification encompasses four crucial themes: environment, ethics, social and human rights, and responsible purchasing.

"We are honoured to receive the EcoVadis 2023 Bronze Medal, which underscores our dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices," said David Cullen, PSOM at Securitas Ireland. "This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to integrating sustainability into our operations and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and ethical conduct."

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Securitas Ireland's commitment to sustainability extends beyond achieving accolades; it is ingrained in the company's core values and operational ethos. By prioritising sustainability initiatives, Securitas Ireland aims to not only minimise its environmental footprint but also contribute positively to society and uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

For more information about Securitas Ireland and its sustainability initiatives, please visit