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Securitas Annual and Sustainability Report for 2023

Explore Securitas Annual and Sustainability Report for 2023, providing insights into our financial performance and sustainability initiatives. Learn about our strategic goals and achievements in security solutions and sustainability practices.

27 March 2024 11:31

Reflecting on 2023, we have significantly enhanced our client offerings across our global portfolio, fostering growth in technology and security solutions, with the integration of STANLEY Security playing a pivotal role. Simultaneously, we have prioritised various strategies to drive our objectives forward.

At Securitas, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and empowered to contribute and grow.

We are positioning ourselves as the foremost security solutions company, aiming for sustained growth and profitability through four strategic pillars.

Securitas' sustainability strategy is integral to our business model, focusing on enhancing our impact across six key sustainability areas, underpinned by fostering good working conditions for our employees.

As we strive to reduce the climate impact, we do not print the Annual and Sustainability Report.

Annual and Sustainability Report

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