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Building Lock Ups & Unlocks

As a business, it can be very difficult to find a dependable and trustworthy key holder to do daily locks and unlocks on your premises and trying to balance the increased security risks of having untraceable keys to your premises off site, and out of your control.

Reduce your liabilities

Having one of our Private Security Authority (PSA) Licensed Professional Mobile Patrol Security Officers to do this can cut out the cost of paying your staff to come in and open early or stay late to lock your premises up. It will also cut out the cost key replacements should your staff lose them or leave and reduce production time lost through waiting for the correct person to open up the premises.

But from a security risk viewpoint, your vastly reduce the risks to your premises as your staff don’t have your keys and the integrity of your premises is maintained and enhanced through the removal of your staff having the keys off-site for your premises.

Professional Officers

Having a Professional Mobile Security Officer also means that the premises can be opened for lone workers, staff working on rush last-minute orders or deliveries at short notice. This service is especially appropriate on days when the premises are not usually open such as weekends and evenings or Bank Holidays when sending a member of staff would be both expensive and unsociable.

Our fully PSA licensed professional mobile security guards are responsible for locking up at night after workers have gone home, and returning in the morning to do the unlocking for your day staffs and check the safety and security of the building.

Furthermore, a 24-hour call-out service means that even at very short notice, an officer can be at the premises ready to carry out all the necessary checks. Our fully trained officer will thoroughly patrol and secure your buildings, as stipulated by you in our agreed assignment Instructions.


Utilizing a building lock-ups and unlocks service, which involves entrusting a professional security provider to handle the daily locking and unlocking of your premises, offers several notable benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: By outsourcing this responsibility to a professional security provider, you reduce the security risks associated with having untraceable keys off-site. Trained personnel can ensure that your property is securely locked at the end of the day and properly unlocked in the morning, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Consistency: Building lock-ups and unlocks are performed consistently and reliably, even during holidays, weekends, or employee absences. This consistency ensures that your property is always secured or accessible when needed.
  • Reduced Liability: Handing over key management to a security service provider reduces the liability and responsibility placed on individual employees. It minimizes the risk of key mishandling, loss, or theft.
  • Quick Response to Issues: If any security issues or emergencies arise during the lock-up or unlock process, trained security personnel can respond promptly, minimizing potential damage or loss.
  • Customizable Service: Building lock-ups and unlocks services can be tailored to your specific needs. You can set the exact times for locking and unlocking, accommodating your business hours and any special requirements.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Security providers typically provide detailed reports of each lock-up and unlock service, documenting the condition of the property and any notable incidents. This documentation can be valuable for insurance purposes and legal records.

Get some peace of mind

Our officers can turn off lights and equipment, whilst also ensuring that windows and doors are securely closed and locked, helping to also reduce your energy bills, whilst also securing your premises.

A full independent Satellite GEO Fence report of the arrival and departure of our vehicle can be available to you immediately by email, which will highlight the time of the officer's arrival at your premises.

Peace of mind

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